Sultanabad Rugs

Sultanabad rugs are among the most famous of the rug types that come from central Iran’s Arak region. Many beautiful carpets come out of this area, but the Sultanabad rugs feature a western influence that isn’t present in those produced in nearby Farahan and the Markazi Province.

Where Do the Sultanabad Rugs Come From?

Sultanabad is actually a very old settlement that was rebuilt in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. With its rejuvenation, the area quickly became known for various arts and crafts, including rug production. Rug makers adopted the styles of earlier production and the fashion quickly became popular in other countries.

Sultanabad carpets are popular worldwide with people who like their rugs to feature a spacious sort of design along with distinctive colors.

What is the Appearance of Sultanabad Rugs?

Sultanabad rugs are characterized mainly by medallion patterns or floral motifs. The designs are balanced and symmetrical and have decorative borders. Usually, the colors are very soft, almost pastel, and the rugs feature a dense pile with a large weave. The designs are very finely detailed, with pleasing curved elements.

At first glance, a Sultanabad rug might appear to be very opulent indeed. This is because of the intricacy of the design, but in reality, the secret of the appeal of the Sultanabad rug is its simplicity. When it comes to the motifs, you’ll find that Sultanabad carpets are considerably less “busy” than other designs from the same region – the designs stand out because the ornamental features occupy a fairly small space on the background. Stylized flowers and leaves are often featured in the design of Sultanabad rugs.

How to Care for Sultanabad Rugs

Sultanabad rugs are unique and beautiful, and they deserve only the very best quality of care. Chances are that your Sultanabad rug will become a family heirloom, so you want to use only the best, most reliable cleaning service.

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