Persian Rugs

Persian Rug

They are ancient, well-loved, and contain a history unlike any other. But what exactly is behind the fabric folds of this amazing carpet? In the following paragraphs, we will take a moment to explore the world of Persian rugs, what it is that makes them so special, and the history that brought them to us. It is truly a story worth telling.

The History of Persian Rugs

Rug making in Iran, which is where the Persian rug originated, many years ago, is something that takes time and dedication to the craft. Interestingly enough, they were not woven by only one group of individuals. There were many that took part in creating these carpets, from the rich nobility, to those who lived in the mountains and wandered the terrain. There are, of course, differences within the rugs depending on who the maker was and what they brought to the craft.

What Makes Persian Rugs so Amazing?

These rugs are characterized by weighty fabric. Cotton and silk are what the true ones are formed from. They are also knotted by hand, which gives each one a perfectly unique quality. Each knot is unsymmetrical in the Persian style, which makes it easier to create that perfect thickness that is so prized in these types of carpets. In addition to this, they are known for being detailed and extravagant pieces, with gorgeous designs. Perfect for collectors and home decorators alike!

Whether you are looking for the perfect accent to complete a room, or a conversation starter, you will not be disappointed with a Persian rug. They truly have it all- history, beauty, softness, you name it. A more sophisticated and opulent piece cannot be found anywhere.

When you have to have the very best, think of Persian rugs.

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