Wool rugs come in a great variety of patterns, colors, and styles, but whether your rug is a modern contemporary, an antique traditional, or an Oriental, they all have one thing in common: they all need wool rug cleaning at one time or another. The ‘life’ of a dirty rug is considerably shorter than that of one that has been cared for properly. When it’s time to remove dirt and grime from your wool area rug, NYCleaners is there to help.

Wool Rug Treatment

Your wool rug undoubtedly adds character and ambiance to your home, but ground-in dirt not only dulls the appearance of the rug, it also damages the fibers and backing. Vacuuming cannot remove dirt that has insinuated itself deeply into your rug, the only answer is a professional wool rug cleaning that we can provide.

Natural fibers, such as wool, require special treatment to assure that the rug will not be damaged by the cleaning process. 

At NYCleaners, we avoid harsh chemicals that might cause harm to the wool fibers, relying instead on organic, green cleaning products to clean completely without damaging the rug.

Our staff is made up of floor covering specialists who understand how to clean wool rugs safely and effectively.

At Your Service

Don’t wait until your rug is starting to show obvious signs of wear, but call NYCleaners now for a free estimate on wool rug cleaning. Let us clean your wool rug and restore its character.