Dust Mite Treatment

You can find dust everywhere in your house, from your table to your carpet. Dust can trigger numerous diseases, such as coughing and wheezing. It can also trigger other allergic conditions such as allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, etc. The substances causing these diseases are allergens, and our immune system considers these elements dangerous. Dust mites are a type of organism that generates dust allergens, which in turn trigger asthma. You can reduce dust mites from your home in numerous ways but completely removing them requires expertise and professional support.

Here at NYCleaners we have teams with extensive experience in cleaning dust mites from depth. We will inspect your home for dust mites and use our expertise and advanced tools to completely remove dust mites, along with other allergens. Our dust mites treatment will improve your home’s internal air quality. Before talking about removing dust mites, it’s important to understand what they are. More importantly, you should have knowledge of how threatening these substances can be.

Dust Mite Treatment Guide

What Are Dust Mites?

Many homes throughout the New York City region have carpeting in them. It’s soft, comfortable, but also a haven for dust mites. You cannot see these tiny insects with your naked eyes, and it becomes a problem as they can travel deep into different materials. Almost four out of five houses in the US suffer from dust mites. Dust mites feed on pet dander and dead skin from humans. Dust mites do not bite, but they can trigger allergies by releasing allergens into the environment. When you start feeling the allergens in the air, it is a sign that there are too many of these substances.

If you and your family members are continuously experiencing allergic reactions, you need to clean your home with professional and experienced cleaning services. Similarly, if you have a pet at home, you should definitely opt for thorough cleaning every quarter. Sneezing off the season is a common sign that dust mites are hiding in your home and polluting the air in the house with allergens.

You can find dust mites in a location with high foot traffic. For instance, area rugs, carpets, couches, and mattresses are common locations for dust mites to hide. Dust mites and allergens can also pollute the air but sit down after some time. No home is safe from dust mites, but timely cleaning can keep you safe from these microscopic organisms.

Where You Can Find Dust Mites

Dust mites are almost everywhere in the home but are mostly in fibers and other damp places. Areas with excessive dander, mold spores, and dirt are highly sensitive areas in your home for dust mites. It’s not necessary that areas with dirt will have dust mites as well. In fact, plenty of hard surfaces have dust but not the mites. Often, you will find dust mites in fabric-based areas because they’re a great place to hide. Furthermore, you will find these tiny organisms in carpets, rugs, and even in your curtains.

Allergens will enter your home through the attic, fans, and windows. The air containing allergens, mold spores, and pollen will also bring dust mites inside the home. To reduce the number of mold spores and pollen, opt to close your windows and doors. Use air conditioners instead of the window for air and ventilation.

Bedding, Carpets, Furniture, and Drapes
Furniture with fibers, carpet, and drapes can contain dust mites. In short, dust mites will hide in any fabric-based furniture. You can use wooden, plastic, and vinyl furniture to avoid mites. Rugs and carpets will have the most mites because these materials are deep and a perfect place with enough food for these mites. Even stuffed toys that children play with include dust mites, which explains why they develop allergies.

Symptoms of Dust Mites

Below, you will find some symptoms of dust mites’ allergic reaction that includes nasal inflammation:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Watery, red, and itchy eyes
  • Postnasal drip
  • Cough
  • Itchy throat, nose, and roof of the mouth
  • Upward nose rubbing (especially for the child)
  • Blue skin, swollen skin below eyes

If you are suffering from asthma, your contact with the dust mites can trigger severe symptoms:

  • Tightness in the chest
  • Pain in the chest
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Trouble sleeping due to wheezing, coughing, breath
  • Wheezing and whistling sounds while exhaling
  • Severe than other respiratory conditions such as flu or cough.


How Can Dust Mites Affect you?

Dust mites can trigger allergies, especially in people with asthma and other allergic conditions. Dust mites do not bite the skin, but the body is sensitive to the allergens they generate. When these allergens enter the body, the immune system acts against them, causing conditions such as allergic rhinitis. Dust mites can range from a mild allergic reaction to severe. For instance, it can cause sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose in mild cases. But when the condition is severe, you will develop chronic symptoms such as severe asthma attack, facial pressure, cough, congestion, and sneezing. Asthma patients are very sensitive to dust mites, so even the slightest contact with mites will cause them to suffer from an asthma attack.

Remove Dust Mites

Before you decide to remove dust mites, you need to identify the location for the availability. The most obvious location for dust mites are carpets, bed, sofa, and clothes. Our dust mite treatment process will include home inspection to identify hidden places where dust mites are present. We have high-quality tools and equipment for inspecting and removing dust mites and allergens. Here are some basic ways to remove dust mites:

1. Keeping your Home Uncomfortable for Mites

Dust mites do not live in places with dust. Rather, they need a cool and damp place with high humidity. Furthermore, they feed on the skin cells that you shed. That is why they choose warm and dark places. Surface with fibers is the best hiding place for mites, where they can get enough food and moisture. It is hard to clean fibrous surfaces. Dust mites generate allergens that cause the main problems.

Carpets and rugs are the most common places where you can find numerous dust mites. Carpets are hard to clean, and you cannot clean deep inside the carpet. Cleaning and vacuuming will only remove the dust from the top but will not affect the mites inside. Imagine keeping a towel at your home’s entrance, and you clean your shoes on the towel for nine months. Now splash some water on the shirt and vacuum it. Do you think the shirt will be clean? No, it won’t. You need a deep cleaning for that towel. The same applies to your carpet. You can hire a professional for in-depth carpet cleaning without affecting the material. Our experienced and professional team will remove dust mites from the carpet and eliminate the allergens.

Furniture with fabric acts as a good hiding place for these microscopic organisms. You can clean this furniture or replace it with leather, plastic, and other material. Mites do not accumulate on hard surfaces. If you cannot get rid of your carpet, couch, and curtains, contact our dust mite removing team. They receive highly advanced training to eliminate mites and allergens without affecting your items. We use adequate cleaning items that keep your furniture and air clear from any allergic substance.

Dust Catchers
Clean the dust catcher twice or once every week. Consistently clean the dust catcher will keep your environment clean from dander, mold, and dust. You can spray the cleaning agent on a piece of cloth and clean it properly. The agent will collect all the dust particles. However, there are numerous options for the dust cleaning spray in the market that you can use.

2. Cutting Down on Food

As you know, dust mites feed on your dead skin cells. You can prevent these food items from them through various methods. This can be challenging as you cannot wash your carpet and mattress once a week with hot water. Similarly, the thickness of these items does not allow sprays and powders to reach in-depth.

As you cannot remove the mites on your own, you can create a barrier that will prevent your dead cells from reaching dust mites’ hiding places. Furthermore, this will keep them from leaving allergens and feces on the bed, carpet, and pillows. This will kill the dust mites as they will not receive their food. You can use dust mite proof covers on your bed, pillows, and mattresses.

When you purchase a cover, you need to consider quality instead of money as cheaper covers will not last long, and you will be replacing them in a few months. As you limit the allergens from contacting you, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

3. Washing with Hot Water

This technique will only work with the items that you can get inside your washing machine. You can wash all the pillow covers and other items once a week. If you wash these items with normal water, it won’t affect you. Dust mites mostly deposit in your pillow covers, mattress, and rugs. You need to wash these items in hot water. Dust mites cannot survive a temperature of more than 54.4 C or 130 F. If you cannot wash your beddings by hand, you can use the dryer at the same temperature. After killing the dust mites, wash your beddings to remove the allergens.

While washing your fabrics, you need to ensure that the water does not affect your skin. Wear safety gloves or avoid touching the water from the water heater. Such hot water can also damage the fabric, and the color of the material might fade. Nonetheless, you can rely on various washing agents to protect the fabric of the material and eliminate the dust mites, such as laundry additives and allergen washing solutions.

4. Firing up the Mites

However, we do not recommend this option as these chemicals are dangerous, but you can use combustible petrochemicals and gelling agents. This solution will not only kill all the mites but also affect your skin and materials. This heating agent will kill the mites and affect the surroundings, so this is not the best way to rid your home from dust mites.

5. Freezing the Mites

This may be a strange idea, but you can also freeze the dust mites present in the object. Obviously, you cannot freeze the mattress and couch, but you can keep small pillows and stuffed toys in the freezer. Use a plastic bag and place the bag overnight. Leaving the toy in the freezer for six to eight hours is enough. To remove the allergens and dead dust mites, you can spray the Anti-Allergen Spray on the toys. Spraying the solution will neutralize the allergens and any other substance that might cause an allergic reaction to your child.
Now place the toy in the dryer. Ensure the dryer is in a fluff setting, or it will affect the toy’s fluffiness. In other words, use air instead of heat to dry the toys. You can now give the toy to your child without worrying about the mites.

Prevent Dust Mites

You can use numerous strategies to avoid dust mites from settling inside your home. Dust mites are tiny organisms that you cannot completely remove from your home on your own, but you can reduce the numbers through various techniques. You can try following these techniques to get rid of dust mites:

 Suitable Beddings
You should choose the bedding material that you can easily clean.

Washable Stuffed Toys
Clean all your child’s stuffed toys in hot water can reduce the number of dust mites.

Allergen-Proof Bed Covers
The best way to avoid allergens from affecting your family’s health is by buying dustproof pillow covers and mattress. Dustproof covers contain tightly packed woven fabric that prevents dust mites from settling inside and colonizing.

Vacuum Regularly
You need to vacuum your carpet, furniture, and other items that might contain dust mites as it helps remove the dust from the surface. However, vacuuming will not remove the dust mites and allergens as these substances settle down deep inside the fibers. The vacuum that includes HEPA or High-efficiency particulate air filter will remove additional dust mites from your household items. If you are allergic to the mites, you should not clean the area, as that can be life-threatening. Rather, you need to hire professional cleaning services twice a year to completely remove the dust and the dust mites from your home.

How Can we Help With Dust Mites?

Complete Inspection
NYCleaners have an experienced and professional team who are aware of the possible hideouts of the dust mites. Our dust mite treatment include carefully analyzing all areas of your home. They are highly professional and have training in controlling a similar condition.

High-Technology Tools and Equipment
Our dust mites cleaning team will use high quality and advanced equipment to clean up spaces and eliminate dust mites. These tools get rid of allergens and dust mites from your furniture, bedding, carpets, etc. They will ensure that the environment inside your home is free from any allergen and dust mites.

Extensive Experience
Clearing your home from dust mites and allergen is challenging, especially when you are handling all the activities on your own. You do not know about locating the mites’ main spots and cleaning the locations without affecting your precious carpets and furniture. Furthermore, you can develop an allergic reaction or trigger your allergic reaction in the cleaning process. On the other hand, a professional dust mite cleaning team that we will send to your home has cleaned numerous houses for years. They know how to remove dust mites without polluting the air and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents
All the equipment, cleaning agents, and tools we use are eco-friendly and will not cause any allergic reaction to your family. We know how to protect your valuable items. The techniques we will use will secure your family without causing any damage and threat to you and your family. Furthermore, our team follows every COVID-19 precautionary measure, and they know how to disinfect the area before and after cleaning the house from mites. We will use PPE kits to ensure that you are secure from the virus and the mites.

Expert Advice
After cleaning your house, the team will advise some effective methods and techniques to prevent the mites from colonizing your home. They will analyze the main entry points of the mites, such as air purifiers, etc.


Dust mites can trigger allergies, especially in people with asthma and other allergic conditions. Dust mites do not bite the skin, but the body is sensitive to the allergens they generate. When these allergens enter the body, the immune system acts against them, causing conditions such as allergic rhinitis. Dust mites can range from a mild allergic reaction to severe. For instance, it can cause sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose in mild cases. But when the condition is severe, you will develop chronic symptoms such as severe asthma attack, facial pressure, cough, congestion, and sneezing. Asthma patients are very sensitive to dust mites, so even the slightest contact with mites will cause them to suffer from an asthma attack.

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