Sofa Cleaning

Here at NYCleaners we offer a professional sofa & couch cleaning service. Sofa upholstery gets dirty, stained, smelly, and germy. Allow one of New York’s best upholstery cleaners to make your home fresher and more sanitary with our couch cleaning services. 

We clean:

  • Leather sofas
  • Fabric sofas
  • Vinyl sofas
  • Denim sofas
  • Suede couches
  • Microfiber couches
  • Wool sofas

Cleaning Methods

NYCleaners professional cleaning technicians use a variety of methods to give your upholstered sofa the most thorough cleaning possible. We offer sofa steam cleaning and couch dry cleaning as well as shampoo cleaning. No matter which method is the best for your upholstered furniture, when we are done, your furniture will be spic and span! And we are extremely careful to protect your sofa’s structural pieces as well as the fabric or leather.

Getting your sofa cleaned on a regular basis will remove dust and dirt which has become trapped in your sofa. Getting your sofa cleaned often also removes allergens such as dust mites and other microorganisms which can cause or aggravate allergies and asthma. Accumulated dust and dirt gives an overall dull appearance to couches and sofas. Stains allowed to stay on upholstery for any length of time will become set-in so the faster they are removed, the better.

Organic Products

Our upholstery cleaning services are green and organic. 

The products we use are non-toxic to your family and to your pets but are tough on stains and odors. 

Our cleaning products do not put toxic fumes into the air in your home and they leave no chemical residue. NYCleaners is the professional company to call for sofa cleaning services. Let our trained experts in New York handle your upholstery cleaning needs.