Organic Rug Cleaning

Organic cleaning products and practices are increasing in popularity every day…and why wouldn’t they? For about the same price, you can get the same great results and enjoy many other benefits (which we’ll talk more about in a moment!). Using green cleaning methods and products is a winning situation for everyone. Cleaning companies that have embraced organic carpet care are definitely leading the way because they have what customers want!
NYCleaners is Manhattan’s answer for getting the best organic area rug care with results that will impress even the most skeptical critic! We offer non-toxic cleaning options that will keep your home safe for those you love most, so don’t wait any longer to see what all the fuss is about. Organic is more than a buzzword for us; it’s a way of giving the very best rug care to customers we love!
There’s no reason to wait… Let our pros go over the benefits of organic rug cleaning with you today!


What Can Organic Rug Cleaning Do?

In short, everything that traditional rug care can!

It’s a common misconception that plant-based cleaners can’t do the same job that harsh chemicals can, but nothing could be further from the truth! Organic rug care is safer for your home and family, including your pets, but that doesn’t make it ineffective.

Plant-based cleaning products have less of an impact on the environment, so of course we’re happy to use them! Additionally, organic rug cleaning includes the practice of reducing the amount of water that it takes to clean area rugs.

Hot water extraction and other traditional cleaning methods can be modified to become greener.

This has a ton of benefits:

  • Happier customers – A large number of our customers specifically request organic carpet cleaning, and we are proud to offer them exactly what they want!
  • Less waste for us to dispose of – Responsible disposal of waste material is something NYCleaners takes very seriously, so the less water we have to get rid of, the better.
  • Less impact on the environment – When organic cleaning methods are used, your home will be a less polluted place to be, and so will the atmosphere outside.
  • Reduced drying time – Less water used means that your area rug will dry faster and have less risk of mold and mildew developing and will get your rug back to you in record time.

There are several dependable brands of green cleaners on the market that you can purchase commercially. These same well-known companies, as well as others that only supply businesses like ours, provide NYCleaners with safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning products.

Delicate Care for Older Area Rugs

Oriental rugs are antiques that can either be purchased to become a beautiful home accent or a monetary asset, or they can be passed down for generations. In either case, it’s a valuable possession that you’ll want to take excellent care of.

Organic rug restoration and cleaning is great for any rug, but it can be especially useful for rugs that are 50 or more years old. Rug cleaning is used for deodorizing and stain removal, just as traditional methods, but green cleaning is much gentler and less likely to harm the delicate silk, wool, or cotton fibers of an antique Oriental or Persian rug.

It’s entirely possible to keep an area rug that is 100 years old looking practically brand new with the right kind of care. Organic rug cleaning is the best choice for rug owners who want to preserve a rug of this age.

NYCleaners has the tools, products and skills to organically clean area rugs and more. You can find an organic rug cleaning company in Manhattan with a little effort, but it will be completely worth it! If a company is unwilling to tell you where their cleaners come from or how they safely dispose of used water once the cleaning is done, you should probably steer clear of them since it would seem that they have something to hide!

NYCleaning is a Manhattan organic rug cleaning expert! If it’s important to you to use companies that care about the environment as much as you do, give us a call today!

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