Organic Rug Cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning methods allow you to keep your indoor and outdoor environment safe. It helps you and your family to avoid developing any health condition. Moreover, this also gives you a chance to play your role in protecting the Earth and wildlife.

Yes, cleaning your carpets like oriental rugs and area rugs can be challenging for you. However, the NYCleaners team knows how to use organic rug cleaning methods and green products to give you a newer and pretty carpet free from dust, debris, germs, bacteria, and other particles. Our experts know the importance of protecting nature. This is why we have designed some best methods to clean every type of carpet, such as handmade, Persian, antique, and others.

We can turn the oldest carpet into a brand new using the best organic rug cleaning methods, best machines, and excellent green cleaning agents. Wondering how? Well, you can read the article to understand our cleaning technique. Besides, you will also know why it’s best to go for all-natural products than chemicals.

Organic Rug Cleaning Guide

The Organic Rug Cleaning Process

As the name suggests, the organic cleaning process involves tools and products that are safe to use. Like any other cleaning process, it includes several techniques and methods to bring back the shine and beauty of your area and oriental rugs.

Here is what NYCleaners do to perform a safe, healthy, and natural cleaning procedure.

Step#1: Walkthrough

Once our team enters your building, the first thing they will do is an inspection. They will walk through the entire space to identify your carpet condition and problems such as pet odors, heavy soiling, stains, damaged parts of the rug, and much more.

We might ask you a few basic questions like the age and type of the carpet. If necessary, we will discuss different approaches with you to pick the best one.

Step#2: Moving Furniture

Before starting the organic cleaning procedure, we will remove all the movable items from the room. It is crucial to empty the carpet’s surface as much as possible –the more items you have on it, the lesser the chances of ensuring a completely clean rug.

However, if you have any heavy objects resting on the rug, we may avoid moving them to another room for safety purposes. It includes large dining tables and massive beds.

Step#3: Repairing

Now it’s time for some fixing. The cleaners will notice any problem with your lovely matting and then restore it. The following are the practices NYCleaners opt for to repair your rug.

  • Mothproofing
  • Rug fringe repair
  • Re-weaving carpet
  • Color restoration
  • Resoles rug wrinkles
  • Water damage repairing
  • Pet stains removal

Depending on your carpet’s condition, we choose different methods to restore your carpet’s structure and shape.

Step#4: Vacuuming

After giving the best possible appearance to your wall-to-wall carpet, our professionals remove all possible dirt, debris, dust, and other particles using a vacuum cleaner. You may be surprised to know that pre-vacuuming your carpet can remove 80% of the dirt.

For this reason, we use professional-grade vacuums to ensure deep vacuuming. It also helps to eliminate the loose soiling that accumulates over time. Vacuuming also helps to eradicate some pesticides and insects living on the surface of your rug. NYCleaners professionals start vacuuming from one end to the other to ensure every area gets clean.

Step#5: Preparation

At this step, our team will decide which non-toxic and natural ingredients or products will be suitable for cleaning. They can opt for anything like vinegar, salt, citric acid, or soda. Next, the experts will prepare the cleaning items.

Before cleaning, our team pre-treat all spots and stains to remove stains, marks, and high traffic soiling as much as possible. If NYCleaners professionals find out that your carpet may require more extensive methods, they will go for that. Of course, the idea of cleaning is to make your carpet completely new. Some common stubborn stains can be wine, ink, or pet urine stains.

Step#6: Cleaning

It’s time to clean the entire carpet. We opt for different methods for this purpose, depending on your throw rug or oriental rug type and condition. NYCleaners also use micro sponges attached to a special machine.

No matter what procedure we choose, we aim to trap soils, spots, stains, and odors at this point. The organic items we use also eliminate germs, pesticides, molds, dust, debris, and other harmful elements.

Step#7: Steam Cleaning

When it comes to using environmentally friendly cleaning procedures, steam cleaning is our preferred choice. This is because it is safe and doesn’t cause harm to your house or environment. Apart from this, it is highly effective. The NYCleaners use portable machines or units mounted on a truck. Both of these are remarkable to clean your carpet surface.

Portable machines are easy to use and can reach any type of building. In contrast, truck-mounted units offer you high-pressure cleaning, but they can’t reach the inner city apartments. This is why our team decides which one will work best for your type of building. In addition to it, steam cleaning is a wonderful and only method that uses steam to deep clean the rug. This means you can kill the germs living in the deepest layers of your carpet.

Step#8: Drying

Lastly, we will opt for few techniques to dry out your carpet. It’s crucial to dry the rug before keeping the furniture back. If you don’t wait for drying, the moisture can encourage mold growth. This means all the green cleaning procedures will go in vain.

Furthermore, drying can take 4 to 12 hours, based on your carpet’s thickness and size. So, be patient and wait for a while to use it.

Green Certified and Non-Toxic Products

NYCleaners understand what green and non-toxic products or elements are excellent to use to clean rugs. We also consider several factors before opting for one, like the possibility of damage and reaction of carpet fabric with the cleaning item.

The following are some of the safest and excellent environmental-friendly approaches we use to promote the idea of green cleaning.

Baking Soda

You may know that baking soda is the staple cleaning agent. It has the property to kill viruses and germs, as well as clean the stains and marks. Furthermore, it also deodorizes and brightens the surface by cutting the grime and grease.

Essential Oils

Few people know that some essential oils are great to use in cleaning solutions. Yes, they have gained popularity because of aromatherapy. But that is not the only benefit they offer. We use these oils to lower the smell of cleaning products, which may be unpleasant for some people. It also helps to build a pleasant environment in the space.


Thanks to vinegar acidity, it is an excellent cleaning agent. Our professionals use it as an alternative to harmful chemicals to clean the tough stains on the fabric. Vinegar is also helpful to reduce soap scum, grease, and grime.


Borax is a non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning product that can help you safely deep clean your carpet. We use it according to the cleaning needs of your carpet. However, our experts prefer to be extra careful with these ingredients, as they can cause irritation in the eyes and skin.

Benefits of Organic Cleaning Products

All the green and natural ingredients are significantly beneficial for cleaning every type of carpet like Persian, antique, handmade, and other rugs. Not only it keeps you and your family safe, but it is also secure for pets and the environment.

Do you want to know why we advocate so much about green cleaning? Here are the reasons why NYCleaners encourage opting for the environmentally friendly cleaning procedure.

Protects Environment

When you use organic cleaning items to renew your carpet, you are indirectly protecting the environment. It allows you to prevent the dangerous chemicals present in your house.

Whenever you wash this fabric, the chemicals may affect the environment. This is why using natural products helps you avoid participating in the destruction of the Earth.


The natural ingredients never react with your skin, even when you are using them for cleaning purposes. On the other hand, using harmful chemicals can lead to several skin problems. However, eco-friendly products don’t cause any irritation even if you don’t wear any gloves.

In addition to it, while cleaning carpets with these products, chemicals stay on the fabric, as it is hard to remove them. Later, these can get onto your skin when you start to use the rug.


The best part of the natural cleaning product is they are hypo-allergenic. This makes them a safe solution for families prone to allergies. Furthermore, families who already have different types of allergies, such as skin or respiratory allergies, should use natural products instead of chemicals.

No Animal Testing

Products made from chemicals are mostly tested on animals. This is not great for wild animals, as they have to suffer only for giving you a product. Using an environmental-friendly cleaning agent will allow you to remain guilt-free.

No Indoor Pollution

You may think that chemicals help you give a nice and tidy house or office, but little do you know that they promote indoor pollution. All the best and natural elements give you an alternative to eliminate the presence of toxic chemicals indoors. This becomes even more important in winters, as you keep your doors and windows closed, which puts your family or workers at the risk of exposure to chemicals.

Conversely, using natural cleaning solutions ensures complete peace of mind while keeping your space tidy.

Safe for Respiratory System

Chemicals like detergents and strong cleaning agents for carpets can penetrate your lungs through breathing. This can lead to several health conditions, which may or may not get resolved later. Choosing a natural product will protect you from developing respiratory problems.

Safe for Circulatory System

As we have already discussed, these harmful chemicals can react with your skin. They can even penetrate your skin. This is the largest human organ, which means your skin can rapidly absorb a large number of dangerous elements. But green products help you avoid exposure to dangerous products.

Risk of Cleaning Chemicals

To this point, you may have already understood that chemicals can cause great problems for you and our planet. We have discussed some possible risks of cleaning chemicals that you should know about.

Lung Conditions

When the label on a product reads “use in a properly ventilated area,” you should understand that it contains dangerous chemicals.

According to experts, using chemical cleaning agents can acerbate allergies and increase the risk of asthma. When you use carpet cleaning products to get rid of mold, dust mites, pesticides, and bacteria, you may be inviting more problems in your space.

The primary reason is that the scents of these products have a composition of chemicals. These elements don’t quickly dissipate and stay for even days in the environment. So, when you breathe in the toxic air, the chemicals reach your lungs.

Eyes Irritation

When you use chemical cleaning products, there is a risk of spraying, splashing, and sprinkling it in your eyes. It can cause itchy, red, or watery eyes and may even lead to other problems. This is because the eyes only have thin protection of mucous membrane. Even if you clean the entire carpet safely, you still have a chance to leave a small amount of chemical on it.

If you feel irritation in your eyes during or after carpet cleaning, immediately wash them with cool water. Moreover, visit the doctor for a simple checkup to be on the safe side.

Harmful Home Environment

If these chemicals are too much toxic that they can burn your skin, irritate eyes, and tiger allergies, what can they do to your house? Cleaning products that eliminate the stubborn stains from your carpet contain bleach. Using them in great quantities or too often can damage the fabric.

Depending on the concentrations of chemicals, they can even burn or tear your antique rugs. In case these chemicals fall on other surfaces like your furniture while you are cleaning your carpet, they can wear down some items easily.

Dangerous for Children

Children have sensitive skin, and they can develop allergies to chemicals, including household cleaning products. Your kids can inhale the airborne toxins, which can penetrate their lungs. In addition to it, any chemical left behind can get on their hand, triggering an allergic reaction.

Besides this, children love to explore and can easily get attracted to colors. For this reason, they can intentionally drink or just taste the cleaners, which can be fatal for them.

Harmful for Environment

Cleaning chemicals emit phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonium in the air. You may be thinking that these gases only intoxicate your indoor air, but that’s not true. The chemicals can quickly spread in the environment through pipes and drains.

These chemicals reach the rivers and lakes, affecting wildlife like fishes. The danger multiplies when other animals eat these creatures, which means they consume chemicals with them. This way, the chemicals spread in our entire ecosystem.

Bottom Line

Natural and organic rug cleaning methods and green products help you keep your family and pets safe. It also provides you a chance to play your role in protecting the environment and wildlife. By using them, you can also prevent the risk of developing several health problems.

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NYC reestablished a delightful old woolen carpet that had some water harm

Our experience was extraordinary with NYC. We purchased a delightful old woolen carpet at a bequest deal, it had some water harm and a considerable amount of residue. We're likewise attempting to avoid cruel synthetics however much as could be expected which is the reason, we settled on NYC cleaners. They worked really hard of reestablishing the piece to its prime. Reasonable costs and will use them again without any doubt.

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NYC Cleaners give superb help and proficient work

NYC Cleaners is probably the best businesses I have ever crossed over! They give clear gauges, practical costs, superb help, and proficient work. I've hired them twice presently to clean a few costly Oriental rugs. There were no significant stains. I highly recommend them!

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It was an extraordinary experience, the rug looks so fresh!

I just moved to another apartment & desperately needed my rugs to be cleaned so I found NYC Cleaners through a friend. They gave me a decent statement for profound cleaning and I chose to schedule an appointment. It was an extraordinary experience; the rug looks fresh out of the box new and it's so marvelous to at last have a spotless rug to stroll on.

byMirte T. onOrganic Rug Cleaning
I'll highly recommend calling NYC Cleaners

I realized my carpets had gotten messy yet I didn't understand how filthy until after they were cleaned and WOW, I could see a clear distinction!! If you need the rugs in your home cleaned, I'll highly recommend calling NYC Cleaners and they will work really hard! Much appreciated!!

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