One of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City, Soho includes both residential buildings and commercial enterprises. Soho is famous for its many shops and boutiques, as well as its artists’ lofts. However, regardless of how avant-garde it is, Soho has something in common with all the other New York neighborhoods – rugs and carpets that require attention. Foot traffic inevitably results in grime and dirt being deposited in floor coverings, and when the dirt begins to ‘show’, it’s time to call NYCleaners. Keeping your Oriental rug in Soho will be especially important to preserve its beauty and value.

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Why a Clean Carpet Is Important

A clean rug or carpet is important both for homes and businesses, and it’s no secret that New York City can be hard on your carpeting. Regular carpet and rug cleaning is vital to not only protect a significant investment, but especially so for those with commercial enterprises.

  • Your customer’s first impression is important, and a dirty carpet will make a bad one, lessening your chances of the customer returning.
  • Dirty carpets simply smell offensive.
  • Grimy rugs and carpets can self-destruct as particles of dirt and grit eat away at pile and backing.
  • For residences with handmade rugs, city dirt can ruin your precious rug.

Professional cleaning is important because it not only removes surface dirt, it reaches right down through the pile to the backing to remove every harmful element. 

Scheduling regular cleaning is the perfect way to keep your carpeting in good condition.

 NYCleaners can arrange a cleaning schedule that will not interfere with your business hours, too.