Indian Rugs

Ancient, carefully crafted, and beautiful to look at, Indian rugs have a rich history. These timeless carpets have kept up with changing trends and made a name for themselves in the world of rugs. Thoughtful artistry and years of experience gave us what you see today. In this article, we will take a look into the background of Indian rugs, as well as what is valued about them, and what makes these carpets unique.

Indian Rug History

Back in the 1600’s, or possibly earlier, the Emperor reigned in India, and he desired gorgeous carpets not common in India at the time. India was not yet a master of the carpet trade. So, the Emperor hired skilled craftsman from Persia to join him. They made carpet creation a large business idea in India, and even taught prisoners how to make the rugs. The Emperor was happy, and the thriving tradition of carpet weaving began in the country.

How a Indian Rug Looks Like

Since these carpets did originate in Persia, they share a similar style. Indian carpets are characterized by detailed shapes, an immense knot count, and bright colors. Nature scenes are common prints, and they are weaved from well-made materials. These carpets are valuable both as new pieces and collector’s items, and both can be found. Some of the most admired types include Keshan, Tabriz, and Sarouk.

These classic rugs will never go out of style, adaptable as they are. The beautiful scenes displayed on them make them great items for artists or those with a keen eye. They are equally desired by collectors of antiques. NYCleaners is always available for all your Indian rug cleaning needs.

Agra Rugs

Genuine Agra rugs are considered antiques. These Indian carpets are made in Agra, as you might think. They are tough and can hold up to a lot of heavy walking and furniture, so they are quite often used as carpets.

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Amritsar Rugs

The Amritsar carpet comes to us from India. The designs include coloring from nature and provide a serene appearance. When they first began, the makers desired to make carpets the western world would appreciate. Now, all the world sees their value.

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