Silk rugs can rightly be considered the aristocracy of floor coverings. Most silk rugs are handmade, requiring the efforts of skilled artisans who knot the fibers into patterns of great intricacy and brilliance. Special cleaning is required to keep your rug in the best possible condition. Not only will wear, dust, and airborne particles make your silk rug look dull, they can also cause damage to the fibers and backing, shortening the life of your rug.

Keep Your Silk Rug Looking Its Best

When it’s time to restore the beauty of your rug, call NYCleaners for professional silk rug cleaning. We offer convenience, expertise, and the finest cleaning products at our modern, state-of-the-art facility to provide the most thorough, and the safest, silk rug cleaning available.


Silk rugs require special handling during the cleaning process to make sure that the rug is not damaged in any way by the treatment.

At NYCleaners, we use only green, organic cleaning agents for cleaning your silk rug.

We begin by inspecting your rug to determine the best approach to cleaning, and only then will our staff begin the process that will clean and restore the luster of your rug.

Give Us a Call

Please do not hesitate to call NYCleaners today for information and a free estimate for your silk rug cleaning needs. We provide service, expertise, and experience at a very reasonable price.

Silk Rug
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Silk Rug Cleaning
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byVanessa M. onSilk Rug Cleaning
My beautiful & delicate silk rug is 15 years old

My beautiful & delicate silk rug is 15 years old. I have always cleaned it myself but this time chose to send it to the NYCleaners. Well, an incredible work, it returned like fresh out of the plastic new! Simply astonishing! I highly recommend NYCleaners to everyone out there!!

byAriela B. onSilk Rug Cleaning
your staff did just an awesome cleaning of my silk rug

Just to let you know that your staff did just an awesome cleaning of my silk rug same as I wanted. I was afraid of giving it away for cleaning but they did complete justice and the rugs are now blushing & glowing! You guys are just great, can’t thank you much for such service. Thumbs up!!

byCamila M. onSilk Rug Cleaning
I sent my silk rug to NYCleaners

I firmly believed that this much great assistance was a relic of times gone by - until I sent my silk rug to NYCleaners. The staff couldn't have been more useful and insightful. My delicate silk rugs are back, looking incredible and NYCleaners made it quite a lovely experience for me by going beyond my expectations. It was all incredible and highly recommended.

byAdam R. onSilk Rug Cleaning
I dropped off my one and only silk rug yesterday

I dropped off my one and only silk rug yesterday to NYCleaners and as guaranteed I'm hitting you up. You folks worked superbly, it resembled totally fresh, the shadings just jumped out. Much thanks to you.

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