Keeping your rugs and carpets clean in Clinton Hill is not as difficult as you may think, even if you have antique Oriental rugs – NYCleaners will provide the services you need to keep your floor coverings in top condition. Rugs and carpets take the brunt of dirt, damage, and grime in a home, and if you have children and pets, the situation could be even worse. A dirty rug or carpet really can detract from the appearance of your home, and can harbor allergens as well.

Vacuuming and even spot cleaning with canned carpet cleaners can keep the surface of your rugs and carpets looking clean, but these really do nothing for the deeply embedded dirt. And, in addition to the ‘ordinary’ grime that can affect your rugs and carpets, you may also have to deal with pet accidents (vomit and urine), food spills, and stains caused by wine and other beverages. Children can also drop chewing gum onto the carpet, which can be very difficult to remove.

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NYCleaners to the Rescue

No matter what may be the problem with your carpet or Oriental rug; whether a routine cleaning is needed or stains and/or gum are present, we can provide the help you need. No job in Clinton Hill is too big or too small for NYCleaners.

  • We use deep steam cleaning for carpets. This allows us to remove not only dirt, but dust mites, mold, and pet dander right down to the carpet’s backing.
  • Oriental rugs will be cleaned professionally and safely at our modern facility, using safe methods and cleaners.
  • Our trained technicians are well versed in every phase of rug and carpet care.
  • Green cleaning products mean that your floor coverings are cleaned completely without the use of harsh chemicals – you will be delighted at how fresh your rugs and carpets will smell.
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Rug Cleaning
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 6 reviews
byStan S. onRug Cleaning
They work superbly, our lounge rug now looks fresh

This is the second time we hired NYcleaners since we moved to Clinton Hill. They work superbly, our lounge rug now looks fresh out of the plastic new and we particularly love that they are fresh. The crew was excessively benevolent and proficient. Much obliged to for doing an incredible job.

byKimora S. onRug Cleaning
Rugs were cleaned appropriately and look extraordinary

A+ services from NYcleaners. They're absolutely polite and responsive. The rugs were cleaned appropriately and look extraordinary. Pick & drop service was on time and they left with some useful tips too. Glad to have them back. Thumbs up!

byKevin J. onRug Cleaning
They're phenomenal

I have had NYcleaners clean my rugs for as far back as one year and they're phenomenal! David has taken care of each cleaning for me and he is a genuine expert and an extremely pleasant person. He additionally happens to be incredible at his particular employment! I enthusiastically recommend him and NYcleaners decisively.

byVivian L. onRug Cleaning
Marker on my room rug didn't appear to come off, however...

Reasonably quoted, quick and expert decent staff!! We had our stairs mats and rugs cleaned. The oil-based indelible marker on my room rug didn't appear to come off, however, I am highly satisfied with the crisp clean smell and all cleaned Rugs! NYcleaners is the best in Clinton Hill.

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