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Living in Brooklyn is an amazing experience for residents. Here, they can access incredible opportunities and achieve a comfortable lifestyle. If you live in Brooklyn, NYC, and are worried about carpet cleaning, contact us. We can help you with area rug cleaning and rug restoration. We deal in all sorts of material and sizes of rugs. No matter if your carpet is old or new, we rely on tested techniques depending on the type of rug you have. Here at NYCleaners, we have a team of professionals with adequate experience in cleaning tasks and operations. They have advanced training and certification to look after your carpet. Here are some of the services that we provide to clients in Brooklyn, NYC:

Brooklyn Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning Services

You may be wondering why you need rug cleaning services when you can vacuum your carpet from dust and other particles such as bread crumbs, etc. However, dust is not a problem. Dust mites are the main reasons for allergic reactions and breathing problems. To keep the environment clean from allergens, you need to eliminate the mites, which is possible with proper deep cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner will only remove the dust particles that float on the surface. Deep and intense cleaning requires advanced tools and techniques that eliminate the mites and other harmful substances from the rug without affecting the rug’s quality. Our professional team knows how to clean the fibers. They will not only clean your rug but also look for the damage and repair it.

We understand the value of your precious rug. We have numerous techniques to repair, clean, and restore your rug. Even if it is hundreds of years old, we will bring it back to its original condition. We will clean the rug using the hot water extraction and shampooing method. Then, we will repair the holes and fix any other damage. If you want expert advice for your rug, you can contact us, and our team will visit for inspection.

Sizes of Rugs We Clean

NYCleaners in Brooklyn, NYC, are highly trained to clean rugs of all sizes. We will inspect your carpet and find possible treatments and the best technique despite the size. Most rug owners feel difficulty in cleaning rugs larger than 8X10. However, provide rug cleaning services for all sizes of rugs. 

8X10 Area Rugs

People mostly use this rug for areas with more foot traffic. These rugs suffer from damage quickly because of the crowd. This rug also has dust mites that cause numerous diseases and allergic reactions. We can clear the rug from mites and dirt and repair any damage.

9X12 Area Rugs

This rug helps in keeping the décor of the house together. However, the rug also covers larger rugs and prevent any damage. But these rugs are prone to tear easily. 9X12 area rugs can lift your room up. Cleaning these rugs can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Furthermore, you will need professional support to clean the rug completely. You can contact us for any further information.


These rugs’ large sizes allow them to cover the entire room. Large area rugs are difficult to clean, and you cannot do it on your own. Once you contact our team to clean your 10X14 area rug, they will visit your home and professionally carry the rug to our cleaning and restoration center. They have expertise in cleaning and restoring any size of rug.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Oriental rugs collect a lot of dust, dirt, and mites. Most people place these rugs in a crowded area, and you should know that the more foot traffic, the dirtier your rug will become. We shed skin, and that is the reason why dust mites colonize in the crowded area. Allergens that dust mites release can cause numerous health issues. It can trigger asthma and cause various other health issues. At NYCleaners, we ensure that your rug is professionally cleaned with an amazing smell that will keep your environment inside the house clean. We also repair damage to Oriental rugs using different techniques depending on the severity of the damage. To keep your rug clean and fresh, we follow these steps:

Step 1.
We send a team to your home to check the quality, material, and damage on the rug. They will bring the rug to the service center, so you do not have to carry the rug along. They will note down all the damages and condition of the rug.

Step 2.
After inspection, they will vacuum the dirt out of the surface of the rug. If the rug is too delicate, they will use their hands to remove excessive dirt.

Step 3.
Now they will identify the spots and stains for detailed cleaning. They will begin the cleaning process with spot cleaning.

Step 4.
Our expert team will use a rug cleaning shampoo and cleanser to remove the impurities, giving a fresh feel. They only use eco-friendly cleaning agents for the process.

Step 5.
Now they will remove the shampoo with water. The team will professionally handle the carpet with care to avoid any damage. They may change the techniques depending on the condition of the carpet. If the rug is too old, they will use different methods.

Step 6.
Our teams of experts believe in providing maximum support to the clients. That is why they carefully remove all the wrinkles to maintain the quality of the drying process.

Step 7.
They will check if the rug is clear from all the issues that they note down. If they find damage and unclean spots, they will immediately fix the issue.

Step 8.
Before dropping the rug to you, we give it a final touch with the comb for a sleek and shiny finish.

Types of Rugs we Clean

Here are the materials that we professionally clean in Queens, NYC:
  • ABC Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Agra Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Caucasian Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • Handmade Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Kashmir Rugs
  • Kilim Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Romanian Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Persian Rugs

Organic Rug Cleaning Services

Organic rug cleaning is almost the same as the traditional one. It just involves safe and green cleaning methods to give extra care to your rug. This eco-friendly technique will maintain the quality and increase the life of your rug drastically. Below, you will find some benefits of choosing organic rug cleaning services instead of traditional methods.

Our rug cleaning team in Brooklyn, NYC, will use plant-based products to clear your rug from dust and mites. Organic rug cleaning services are useful to protect old rugs and enhance their longevity. We care about the value of the rugs that run in your family for generations. This method will give your rug a gentle and amazing feel enlightening your memories. Most of our clients with silk and oriental rugs prefer organic cleaning services.

Our customers trust the work quality and dedication of the team we have in Brooklyn, NYC. This motivates our professional technicians, and they perform the cleaning tasks and activities with additional detail and care.

Steam Cleaning Services

Taking care of your rug can be challenging for you if you do not vacuum the carpet regularly. Sure, vacuuming will remove the dust and dirt from the top of your carpet, but will you remove the dust and dust mites from fibers? Dust mites can survive the vacuuming because they hide in between the fibers. However, if you hire a professional team such as NYCleaners, they will clean your rugs deep between the fibers once in a year or two. They use numerous methods, such as the organic rug cleaning method. Professional at NYCleaners also use the steam cleaning method to clear the fibers from dust and mites.

Like organic rug cleaning, this method also maintains the quality of delicate and old rugs without any damage. Our expert team in Brooklyn, NYC, will use 212 Fahrenheit of water to steam your rug. Steam will make the fibers fluffy and eliminate the mites and dirt. The steam cleaning method requires accurate temperature depending on the quality of the rug. If the temperature is not right, you can damage your rug. That is why you need professional help cleaning the rug. Contact NYCleaners for cleaning your rug from a certified and highly trained rug cleaning team.

Rug Repair

Your rug may damage over time for numerous reasons. Moths, foot traffic, mites are some of the reasons behind rug damage. Sure, throwing your old rug and buying a new one is an option, but it involves spending a lot of money. Instead, you can repair your old rug and bring it back to its original condition. If you have a rug with loose fibers, fringes, and tassels, you can contact us for professional support. Our team will visit you and collect the rug for inspection. Once they list down all the damage, they will inform and explain the repairing process.

Our experienced team will bring back life to your rug. They are aware of numerous advanced techniques to fix your rug. For instance, they might hand-stitch or re-insert the fibers with a machine. They choose to fix the rug depending upon the condition, quality, and material of the rug. NYCleaners will provide the team with artistic skills in re-weaving the carpet and restoring the color.

Moth Removal

Our experienced teams are also capable of clearing the home from moth infestation. Moths feed on fibers and other precious fabrics. They colonize in the houses and are challenging to remove because they hide in holes and cracks. Moths not only damage rugs and carpets, but they also cause numerous health problems such as

  • Digestive issues
  • Allergies
  • Illness

This will affect the quality of your life. For professional assistance in removing the moths completely, you can contact us in Brooklyn, NYC, and we will send a team to your doorstep. This expert team will inspect the home for moths’ hideouts and remove their nests. This will eliminate any chances of moths colonizing your home again. They use high tech tools and eco-friendly chemicals to remove moths from your home.

Mold Removal

Mold thrives in damp and cool spots in the house. They will spread rapidly and destroy the walls, ceilings, and other materials in your home if you do not remove mold in time. In this case, negligence and lack of timely intervention can put your health and property at risk. This can be dangerous for you and your family. Our professional team will first inspect the house and locate the main reasons for mold infestation. Then they will use advanced and high tech tools and remove the mold completely. You will find the mold elimination task difficult as you have little knowledge. Also, this task is time-consuming, challenging, and dangerous. Mold will infect the environment around your home and lead to numerous diseases such as allergic reactions and asthma.

Hiring a professional team from NYCleaners is the best decision you will ever make. We can also revive the life of your carpet if it has suffered from mold damage. Our expert cleaners have adequate training to handle difficult mold conditions. Moreover, they will guide you concerning techniques that prevent mold in the future. If you need professional mold removal services for your home, contact us in Brooklyn: we will send a support team to your location.

Bed Bugs Removal

Blood-sucking bed bugs are the literal nightmare that keeps you awake at night. These hitch-hikers can easily travel to different places, which is why they are widespread throughout the world. While you can easily spot the presence of bed bugs in the house, you may miss many of their hiding locations because of their ability to squeeze in discrete locations.

We have an experienced team of professionals who work to eliminate bed bugs. They rely on numerous techniques to curb the bed bugs infestation at your house. Eliminating bed bugs is a challenging task that requires adequate expertise. This explains why leaving even a single hideout can cause bed bugs to rapidly colonize again.

Each bug lays one to five eggs a day. That is why they rapidly grow numbers wherever they infest. Our team in Brooklyn, NYC, will use their extensive experience to locate all their hiding spots and clear your home of bed bugs. Besides eliminating all their colonies, our team ensures that they never return.

Dust Mites Treatment

Dust mites are the underlying reason behind various health conditions that affect the respiratory tract. This organism can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions as it generates allergens that affect the home environment. That is why we emphasize regular vacuuming for area rugs, along with professional deep cleaning at least twice a year for maintenance. We provide high-quality service via certified professionals who can identify places with dust mites and develop solutions. They will use eco-friendly tools, chemicals, and techniques to remove dust mites from your home completely.

Apart from clearing the house from dust mites, they will guide you in various methods to keep them from coming back. For instance, they will educate on the different conditions that prevent dust mites from surviving. By following their advice, you can create an unfavorable environment for mites. If you and your family members are allergic, you should not risk their life and immediately contact us in Brooklyn, NYC, so we can inspect and prepare for the elimination.


A team from NYCleaners is always available to assist you with any of the above services. We will take safety measures while clearing the infestation or cleaning and repairing your carpet. Our Brooklyn, NYC team is highly experienced and trained to handle any critical conditions. They will fix your carpet or give it a new look depending on your need. Furthermore, they will keep you updated while performing the tasks to certify that your carpet and infestation problem is in safe hands.

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byBilly M. onRug Cleaning
Would suggest it for all of your rugs that require cleaning

NYCleaners did incredible work, our rugs now resemble new!!! Incredible cost!!! The pickup and drop-off are wonderful, particularly if you have short of time. Would suggest it for all of your rugs that require cleaning. The owners never disappointed me in Brooklyn.

byTiffany J. onRug Cleaning
The staff worked superbly while cleaning the carpet

I didn’t know that Brooklyn has such a company like NYCleaners that I can completely trust in. The staff worked superbly while cleaning the carpet for us and took care of it with care and demonstrable skill. They came energetically and didn't frustrate. Much obliged!

byTrevor M. onRug Cleaning
I hired NYCleaners after a lot of recommendations

Phenomenal cordial assistance. My rugs got dirty as I was shifting to Brooklyn recently. I hired NYCleaners after a lot of recommendations from friends & family. My rugs are again spotless, new, and fresh. As a recurrent client, I especially like the consistency of the services provided. Keep up the good work!

byMandy S. onRug Cleaning
a stained rug and it returned looking like fresh

My aunt recommended NYCleaners to me and I further recommended them to my brother living in Brooklyn. I took them a stained rug and it returned looking like fresh out of the plastic new. Happy with the outcome. Cheers to the hard-working staff!

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