Rug Steam Cleaning

Looking for the most effective and safe cleaning procedure for your rug? In that case, you need to go for the rug steam cleaning. This amazing cleaning procedure aims to provide you a clean surface that removes not only debris and dirt but also eliminates germs and bacteria.

Hiring professional cleaners like NYCleaners can help you attain your goal of steam cleaning. We provide our services to both commercial and residential customers. Besides, you can take our help to clean any type of rug such as antique, Persian, handmade, and others. Whether you have oriental rug, area rug, runners, matting, throw rug, wall-to-wall, or others, our highly professional team knows the trick.

Worried about your uncleaned rugs? Thinking, whether you should steam clean them or even cleaners give services for these types of carpets? If so, then don’t worry. The NYCleaners team restores the damaged rugs before the deep cleaning. Once they get into good condition, our experts steam the entire surface. 

No matter your carpet contains stains, marks, dirt, dust, or debris, the NYCleaners are here to help you. You can easily transform your old and dirty rug into a new and appealing one, but only if you hired the right person.

To give you a more clear view, we have mentioned some crucial aspects of rug steam cleaning. After reading the article, you will learn how we perform the procedure and why you should pick steam cleaning over other cleaning techniques. So, let’s discuss.

Steam Cleaning Guide

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

Like any other carpet cleaning procedure, steam cleaning involves several methods and steps to get the desired outcome. You may be wondering, this could take ages to clean, but it doesn’t. Yes, this technique has multiple steps, but our experts know how to give you quick and excellent results.

Here are the steps that we go through while cleaning your rug or carpet.

Step#1: Clear the Room

We start by cleaning the entire room that you want to turn into a gorgeous, clean, and germ-free space. The process starts by removing all the toys, furniture, and anything resting on the carpet. The primary reason for doing it is that if the objects stay on your rug, they will become barriers between the steamer and carpet. Hence, lots of clutter on the rug will slow down the procedure.

In case it’s impossible to remove heavy furniture, we prefer to wrap its legs with waterproof tape to protect them from detergent and hot water spray. If it is crucial to remove the furniture and you don’t have any other room to keep them, then moving items to one part of the room is another great idea. After cleaning half of the room, we move the items back to this area to clean the other half.

Of course, cleaning the furniture before putting them back on the carpet is vital. If not, the debris and dust resting on them can fall on the ground, making your carpet’s surface dirty again.

Step#2: Do Inspection

After moving the objects, it’s time for the inspection. Sometimes, experts at NYCleaners inspect the space before moving the objects. It depends on your room. The crew leader will note the condition of the carpet. You also need to tell about the age, type, and usage of the carpet. During this process, the cleaning team will also discuss their chosen approach for steam cleaning your wall-to-wall carpet with you.

In addition to it, if your rug needs repair and restoration, the team members will suggest you the best methods for it. Based on its condition, we will do the following for its recovery:

  • Moth damage repairing
  • Worn fringes
  • Remove rug wrinkles
  • Recover water damage
  • Clean pet strains
  • Re-weave rug
  • Restore rug color

Step#3: Vacuum Carpets

The third and important step is vacuuming. It’s crucial to vacuum the entire carpet to remove debris, dust, crumbs, loose dirt, and other particles before steaming the surface. Did you know that pre-vacuuming the carpet removes about 80% of the dirt? The major reason for opting for this step is that a steam cleaning machine can restore the fabric and dissolve the stains, but it is not capable of eliminating solid particles stuck deep into the carpet fibers.

First, we prefer to vacuum slowly in one direction, which removes little dirt particles. Then, we vacuum again in the opposite direction, but with a little bit more pressure. It helps to pick up large debris and parasites like bed bugs.

Step#4: Prepare the Carpet Steam Cleaner

Our team at NYCleaners uses a portable machine or unit mounted on a truck. Both of these machines are perfect for giving a newer and cleaner look to your rug. However, a portable one is easier to handle, as it gives you the flexibility to reach any part of the building. Although a truck-mounted unit is an excellent technology, its pipes are not long enough to get into an apartment.

This is why which cleaning machine a professional cleaner use for your room will predominantly depend on your building. So, once they decide, we prepare the steamer and set its settings.

Step#5: Spray Non-Toxic Detergents

After adjusting the machine’s settings, we run the steamer cleaner machine on your carpet to spread the non-toxic detergent. The crew members initiate spray from one corner to another to get efficient results. Not to mention, it is best to move the cleaner in straight lines to spread the cleaning agent to every part of the carpet.

Furthermore, any expert cleaning company like NYCleaners opt for the best and safest cleaning solutions for cleansing purposes. Not only your rug gets into a top-notch condition, but it also spreads an appealing aroma in your room. The idea of using effective, non-toxic detergent is to lose the tough stains and marks on your rug. Later, it will help to steam clean the carpet.

Step#6: Treat Tough Stains

Now it’s time to get rid of the harsh and tough stains. It includes anything like pet urine, wine spills, coffee, stubborn marks, and other stains. You might not know, but if you steam clean the area rug without cleaning the remaining stains, they might get attached to it for a lifetime. Or they may simply not leave the carpet after steaming. This is why removing stains is our to-do task before steaming.

In addition to this, our cleaners adopt different approaches depending on your rug condition. No matter what procedure we use, our team members avoid scrubbing throw rug, wall-to-wall carpet, etc. This is because the stains embed deeper into the fiber, which makes it challenging to remove them afterward.

Step#7: Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning requires setting the machine to extremely high temperatures like 120 degrees Celsius. The higher temperatures help to turn the water into steam, which is the basic technique of this cleaning procedure. The NYCleaners start moving the steamer from one end to the other in straight lines.

The conditioning treatment helps extract the detergent we have used before and deep cleanse your area rug or oriental rug with a steamer. The results of steam cleaning are remarkable – you can observe your carpet is looking much more beautiful and giving you a soft feel.

Step#8: Allow it to dry

Steam cleaning any matting does not leave a great amount of water on it. However, unlike mopping hard surfaces like tile floors and hardwood, it does not get absorbed or dry quickly. Yes, it will need time to dry.

To allow the moisture to escape completely, you may have to wait for 4 to 12 hours. Additionally, if you keep the furniture back on wet runner, carpet, or rug, the moisture will promote bacteria growth. So, it’s better to wait for few hours than to have a stingy and dirty room.

Does Steam Cleaning Help Remove Stains?

You may have already understood that steam cleaning is a suitable method to remove stains and disinfect carpets. This process kills bedbugs, fleas, mold spores, and any type of germs living on your room’s ground. You can say that it offers you a new carpet that is absolutely safe for kids and pets.

But of course, if you want to remove the stains through a steam cleaner machine, it’s vital to opt for the right techniques and methods. Just using a steamer cleaner on an entirely dirty rug can’t do the trick. Common stains like ketchup, makeup stains, food spills, pet urines, red wine, and others need expert help. The job becomes even more challenging when you have blood, coffee, and ink marks.

In any case, removing these type of stains need skills and expertise, which is why NYCleaners have become the best choice for everyone. We build a proper plan before cleaning the stains that include the best possible methods to remove the marks. Besides that, we make some back-up plans and strategies in case of the failure of the first stain cleaning approach. Hence, our team makes sure that you get a stain-free carpet at the end of the steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Vs. Chemical Cleaning

When it comes to the different rug names, people think that cleaning them needs different procedures. They also think the steam and chemical cleaning is only for a specific type of fabric. But that’s not true. Both cleaning techniques can help clean every type of carpet, from area rug to mat and from Oriental rug to the runner. However, these treatments are significantly different from each other.

Steam cleaning removes around 97% of sand, dirt, and bacteria. This is the only technique that reaches the deepest or lowest layer of your carpet. It also doesn’t involve harmful chemicals, yet it is effective in eliminating stubborn stains and marks.

On the other hand, chemical cleaning uses different chemicals like strong detergents to clean your fabric. These detergents are either dry or liquid. Cleaners have to mix the dry products in a small amount of water before use. Compared to the steam technique, this method is fairly dry. It gives you a moisture-free carpet sooner. However, here is the catch – steam cleaning helps you clean the carpet from the top to the last layer. In contrast, chemical solutions are only effective for the top layers of any fabric. You can say that they are not useful to treat deep stains.

Not to mention, some chemical formulas have the tendency to stay on the carpet after cleaning. This means you are exposing your pet and kids to harmful elements. Even if you opt for chemical cleaning, make sure what products they are using. Thus, people who are worried about chemical exposure should opt for the steam cleaning technique.

Steam Cleaning Vs. Hot Water Extraction

The main difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is only the water’s temperature. To clean the carpet with steam, you need to produce steam. In simple words, the water needs to boil and reach the required temperature to become gas. Conversely, as the name suggests, the other technique involves hot water only. It is not too hot to turn into heat, but enough to clean the carpet’s deepest layers.

Hot water extraction is an excellent method. It helps remove stains, debris, dirt, and any type of harmful elements like germs, pesticides, and molds. This method is somewhat the same as steam cleaning, as the cleaner spreads water through the machine, and it gets to the lowest part of the fabric. However, hot water treatment involves more use of water to clean your carpet, making its surface completely wet. It’s like you are soaking it in the water. Because of that, it can take days to get fully moisture-free. Nevertheless, it becomes even more challenging for the home or company owners to dry it if they live in humid locations.

Another drawback of this technique is that it encourages mold growth. The more time your carpet will take to dry, the higher the chances of mold formation. This means you may not get the benefit of spending your money when you get into a problem. On the other hand, you don’t have to face these problems in rug steam cleaning. The professionals like NYCleaners ensure that you don’t have to deal with mold growth and your carpet becomes dry as soon as possible.

When you opt for steam cleaning services, make sure to ask the experts about their plan. Plus, ask them what approach they will take to dry out the carpet. If you think that you will be on your own to make your room moisture-free, then it’s better to avoid them. Don’t forget that mold can lead to severe health conditions. We must say that having a dirty carpet is much better than one with mold growth, inviting diseases.

Steam Cleaning Carpets vs. Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is pretty similar to the method of shampooing your hair. This method uses soaps and detergents to eliminate grease, dirt, and stains from your carpet. It allows the treatment of several layers of carpet as the shampoo penetrates almost every layer. Furthermore, carpet shampooing machines contain powerful motors that have brushes to take out the dirt from your carpet.

The experts fill cleaning solution in the machines’ tank attached with a hose containing a spinning nylon brush. When the machine starts, it injects the solution in a thick foam-like material on the carpet. It also uses high pressure to build foam to lose stains and dirt on the carpet. Later, your hired cleaner will clean the dirt and debris through a vacuum. The cleaner will also rinse the carpet surface with fresh hot water. Then, they use a powerful vacuum to suck the moisture from it.

This process might seem easy and effective, but it has several drawbacks. First, it takes a great time to complete the cleaning. Secondly, the machine’s foam can get to the items resting on the area rug and can damage them. Lastly, it will take significant time to dry out the surface. In comparison, steam cleaning is an absolutely efficient process that doesn’t destroy any object in your room. It is also much more impactful as it cleans deep layers of your carpet.

Steam cleaning also helps to remove any kind of stubborn or old stains from all types of fabric. It also protects you from allergy triggers, which you can’t expect from only shampooing your rug. What’s more? Well, steam cleaning ensures 95% moisture and dirt removal. Consequently, the drying time of this method is much lesser than the shampooing technique.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, rug steam cleaning is a procedure that involves several techniques that aim to provide you a completely newer-looking carpet. After opting for this method, you don’t need to worry about bacteria and germs presence, as it deep cleans the fabric to eliminate harmful elements.

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The best-valued rug cleaner

The best-valued rug cleaner. I moved around for so many companies if I could get best steam cleaning for rugs at my parent's home. Exceptionally obliging and accommodating. The white rugs were back to their original color and I was amazed with the results. They maintain a decent business and mean to please. Thumbs Up!!

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They worked effectively on my microfiber rug. Truly reasonable and the folks were amazing. They didn't leave until all of the stains were taken out. You should definitely go for NYCleaners.

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Great - all that as guaranteed - on time, amicable, great job with fair cost. After steam cleaning my rug looked as cleaned as new. The original colors, feels, aroma, excitement came back once it came back to my home. My mum was as thankful to the cleaners as she could be. Great & nice work done!

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All about NYCleaners was an incredible experience. From the underlying call to the fabulous help given by the crew, I am extremely blissful. The cleaner was on time, respectful, and proficient and strolled me through the choices for making my rug look pristine again. The cleaned piece looks perfect. Thumbs up!

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