It would be safe to say that nothing adds to the beauty and charm of any room like a fine Persian rug. These rugs might well be considered to be the aristocrats or royalty of the rug world. Many of these fine rugs have been hand knotted, a process that takes skilled artisans months, or even years, to complete. Intricate designs and beautiful colors are what make silk Persian raugs stand out from all others.

However, use and time will cause even the most beautiful rug to lose its luster and begin to look old and dirty. Vacuuming and cleaning up spills can help to maintain your rug, but eventually you will require a professional service restore to your rug to its previous condition.

Persian Rug Restoration

When you consign your Persian rug to our care, we will take them to our carpet atelier to clean and restore them. Depending upon the physical condition of the rug (age and wear will make a difference here) and the cleaning challenges, we will decide upon the best way to take care of your rug:


Before we begin the actual cleaning process, our technicians will check the rug for colorfastness and fiber content.This will determine which rug cleaning and deodorizing products we will be using on your rug.

Dry cleaning your rug will provide the fastest way to get it back to you.
This very low moisture process, which is used following stain treatment, means that your rug can be back in your Manhattan home almost before you’ve missed it.

Organic Cleaning Methods

We might also use a hot water cleaning bath to remove dirt, stains, and odors from your Persian rug. Your rug will be flushed with hot water with organic cleaning product to clean it thoroughly. After the basic cleaning process is completed, cold water will be used to wash out all the detergent. The rug will be placed in a centrifuge to extract the greater part of the water, and then the rug will be hung up to dry completely.

Put our years of hands-on experience and rug knowledge to work for you – we provide the best Oriental rug cleaning solutions. NYCleaners technicians are available for a free consultation and estimate at your convenience