Afghan Rugs

Have you been searching everywhere for that perfect piece that will complete your home, office or library? Maybe you need look no further than an Afghan carpet. What kinds of superbly unique qualities does a lovely Afghan rug possess, and why would it make an incredible statement piece for not just any room, but any collection? Read below to find out the answers to these thoughts and more.

Where do Afghan carpets hail from?

These gorgeous fabrics are manufactured generally in the country of Afghanistan, although if the rug is created by someone of Afghan origins that resides somewhere else, such as Pakistan, it will also be considered an Afghan rug. They feature several kinds of carpets, including specially designed rugs with bizarre shapes, and even prayer rugs. Bashir carpets states that these rugs have been around for hundreds of years. They continue to be part of the thriving carpet culture we know today.

What appearance Afghan have?

These types of rugs are generally tough, and made to last. Their patterns vary significantly, and they have even played a part in the wars that have made historical impact on the country. They can be viewed with battle scenes or guns and flags. Another great thing is that they stick to tradition; many carpets have not changed much in appearance over the years.

Why should you own one?

If you love the idea of strong historical ties, and individuals who carry on with an ancient and amazing craft, then you will want an Afghan rug. They contain breathtaking patterns and are great for flooring. In addition, they also remind us of various important times in the past. Wonderfully complex and intriguing, the Afghan rug makes a great addition for any collection!