A clean carpet or rug really adds a lot to the appearance of your home, but the opposite is also true – a dirty carpet makes your whole apartment or house look awful. To keep your home in Harlem looking its best, you can rely on NYCleaners. We offer professional rug and carpet cleaning that is not only efficient, but also economical.

Wall-to-wall carpeting will benefit from regular deep steam cleaning by our team of technicians. We use the most modern equipment and cleaning agents to safely, but completely, rid your carpet of dirt and grime. Cleaning also helps to restore matted fibers to their original condition. Not only do regular cleanings keep your carpets looking great, they also extend their life.

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Rugs Are Our Specialty

Our facility is ready to help with every aspect of rug care, regardless of whether you have an antique Oriental rug or a new handmade. Because many rugs are made of wool or silk, we provide the special care that such rugs need. However, our rug care goes beyond cleaning and we also offer these services:

  • We can repair damaged and worn fringes before they start to impact the structure of the rug.
  • Worn spots can be restored by using matching fibers to reweave problem areas.
  • Holes can also be either patched or we can restore the backing and re-knot the spot, making a virtually undetectable repair.

Contact us when you need a terrific team of professional cleaners for general carpet cleaning or wall to wall carpet cleaning. We clean and care for your carpets and upholstery using organic cleaning methods to protect your family.

If all your rug needs is a good cleaning, we will not only clean it thoroughly at our facility, but return it to you dry and ready to be put back on the floor.