If you own an antique Oriental rug, you effectively own a piece of art. Handmade Oriental rugs represent the best and most beautiful in the world of rugs, and the patterns of these rugs identifies their place of origin. If your home in Park Slope is embellished by one of these rugs, you will want to assure that it receives the best care possible. Simply because antique rugs are so valuable is the best reason to depend on NYCleaners for dependable, professional rug cleaning services.

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What Makes Oriental Rugs so Special

Oriental rugs are instantly recognizable because of their beautiful appearance, but there are several factors that have contributed to that appearance, and which augment the rug’s value.

  • Each fiber has been hand-knotted onto the backing; it can many months to finish one rug.
  • Once natural fibers such as wool or silk are used for the pile. The backing will be cotton.
  • Natural vegetable dyes provide intense, lustrous color to the pattern.
  • The designs in the pattern will be crisp, definite, and intricate.

It’s no wonder that Oriental rugs, whatever their age have been prized for centuries. If you have an antique rug, you will certainly be aware of the level of care required to clean it properly.

We suggest regularly scheduled cleaning, to keep your rug in the best condition.

Why Professional Care Is Important

Antique Oriental rugs fall into the heirloom category and as such deserve the best care possible. Fortunately, living in Park Slope finds you well within the radius of the NYCleaners service area. Our facilities are fully equipped to deal with the needs of Oriental rugs, and our technicians are second to none in their knowledge of the proper care of rugs and carpets of all kinds. Our safe cleaning products will clean your rug completely, and we will return it to you in beautiful condition, ready to be placed on the floor or hung on the wall.

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