Oriental rugs, whether antique or contemporary, are considered to be the elite of the floor covering world. Keeping your Oriental rug in Williamsburg not only clean but in excellent condition might be considered to be not only your goal, but that of NYCleaners. We understand the dedicated care required to keep Oriental rugs in good condition.

Unlike carpeting, which can be cleaned right in your home, Oriental rugs must be cleaned at our modern facility. This will assure that your prized rug will get exactly the care and treatment that it needs.

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Cleaning Oriental Rugs Safely

While most modern carpets and rugs are made out of tough synthetic fibers such as nylon, Oriental rugs are made out of beautiful natural fibers of wool or silk. Cleaning agents that might work perfectly well on synthetics can cause damage to Oriental rugs. If you want your Oriental rug to retain its beautiful appearance, you could do nothing better than to schedule a cleaning by NYCleaners.

  • We will pick up your rug at your Williamsburg home and take it to our facility.
  • Your rug will be immersed in a tank containing water and a green cleaning solution so that every part of the rug is treated.
  • Scrubbing with a brush will get out dirt, even dirt that has been ground into the backing.
  • A thorough rinsing will remove not only dirt, but also the residue of the cleaning agent.
  • Our spin-dryer wrings nearly all the water out of your rug safely.
  • After being hung up to dry, the fringe is straightened and your rug will soon be ready to return to you.

Depending on NYCleaners Is a Good Idea

At NYCleaners we have the skill and experience to clean your Oriental rug without causing any damage to it. You need never worry about fading when we undertake to clean your rug, regardless of its age. 

Don’t take chances with your rug when it needs cleaning – leave the job to us.olstery using organic cleaning methods to protect your family.

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