Office Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in official establishments tend to get a lot of foot traffic. Hence, the likelihood of dust, grease, and grime getting stuck in a carpet’s fibers is considerably high when it is rolled out somewhere in an office building. It is highly recommendable that you get your office carpet steam cleaned to free it from all kinds of pollutants and contaminants. NYCleaners are very skilled at this type of work. Reach to us at once, if you need to get your office carpet spruced up.

What is Office Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Professional office steam cleaning service providers make sure you do not have to throw your office carpet away if the signs of wear and tear have started to show or if someone spilled a glass of orange juice on your office carpet. You can try regular vacuuming to tackle the issue, but that is not adequate to remove the particles which have deeply embedded themselves in the carpet or rug fibers. Steam cleaning is the only effective deep cleaning solution available in the market.

This process involves using steam to remove dirt and stains and giving the carpet a rejuvenated look. Office carpet and rug manufacturers suggest getting your office carpets cleaned by a professional service once every year. Reputable carpet steam cleaning providers like NYCleaners make use of cutting edge steamers to carry out the cleaning process. The result is a fresh steam cleaned carpet devoid of any blemishes.

Office Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

After cleaning your rugs, consider steam cleaning upholstered furniture as part of the same routine. NYCleaners offers sofa steam cleaning and mattress steam cleaning.  

  1. We use an industrial vacuum cleaner for pre-vacuuming the rug or office carpet. This removes around 80 percent of the dirt.
  2. We spray the office carpet with a non-toxic detergent.
  3. We remove the stains or marks on the carpet.
  4. We clean the carpet while keeping the temperature around 120 degrees Celsius. A conditioning treatment extracts the previously used detergent. The treatment also leaves your office carpet feeling soft and fresh.

You can also try steam cleaning your office carpet yourself. This is a process referred to as hot water extraction and involves spraying detergent and heated water on the carpet simultaneously. The detergent and the water are then extracted along with any dissolved stains and dirt.

However, the final results would leave a lot to be desired if you take it upon yourself to steam clean your office carpet. Therefore, it is only in your best interest to reach out to professional office steam cleaning service providers such as NYCleaners.They provide quality treatment to enhance the condition of your office carpet or rug and are careful not to damage the carpet fibers in the process.