Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

When your rug or carpet begins to look dingy and dull, you may be tempted to simply take a can off the supermarket shelf and do the job yourself. However, this is the last thing you should consider if you want to keep your carpet looking good and extend its life. Most canned shampoos are made from harsh chemicals that can not only damage your carpet, but can also cause harm to family members and pets. Many carpet shampoos contain nasty substances such as formaldehyde and acid. These toxins remain in the carpet for a long period of time, and can be especially harmful to small children and pets.

Green Cleaning

You can rest assured that when you have NYCleaners shampoo your rug or carpet that a safe carpet shampoo will be used. Our cleaning products not only clean and disinfect safely and effectively, they leave no potentially dangerous residue behind.

 Green cleaners don’t need to add perfumes out of a laboratory to cover up a disagreeable smell; our cleaners smell fresh and clean themselves.

Our technicians will vacuum, then apply a carpet shampoo according to your needs to rid your carpets of grime and stains. 

Your carpet can be used within an hour, and you’ll be delighted at how clean it looks and how fresh it smells.

Call Us for Green Carpet Care

Calling us now to schedule a free visit and estimate for your carpet cleaning needs sets you on the road to enjoying a clean carpet. Let our technicians safely and effectively clean your carpet.