Chinese Rugs

Chinese Rug

Have you ever wondered why Chinese rugs are so prized? It’s because for centuries, they weren’t available to the rest of us.


Chinese Rug History

The Chinese exported porcelain, bronze, and other works of art, but not rugs. Each and every Chinese rug was created solely for use “in country,” and until recent decades, hand-crafted with an incredible attention to detail.

Today, of course, cheap Chinese rugs abound. But the really good ones? Still not all that available.

The finest Chinese rugs in recent history were made following World War II, and the quality and craftsmanship of these rugs are still what make them prized by collectors today. The weaving techniques approach fine art.


How a Chinese Rug Looks Like

Today, there’s been a resurgence in fine rug weaving in China, with attention to the traditional elements like dragons and folklore motifs. What this means is that Chinese rugs are still very desirable and collectible, more so than any other type of rug. They’re more coarsely knotted than those of old, but still steeped in ancient design and highly ornamental.



If you’re looking for something that’s beyond unique, steeped in history, and incredibly beautiful, you could do worse than add a Chinese rug to your home.


A Chinese rug is nothing more nor less than a journey back into time. They truly look like no other rug, and when you gaze upon one, you’ll find yourself taken back to a place and time far different from our own. Which is, we suppose, exactly what you’re looking for when you choose a Chinese rug.