Rug Cleaning Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows is a lovely residential neighborhood in the south part of Flushing in Queens, NY. It has had the name Fresh Meadows for hundreds of years – since the time of the Revolutionary War. Today, this area contains two subsections – Hillcrest and Utopia.

Carpet Cleaning and Other Services

If you have a home in the area, and you have carpets or rugs, make sure you are doing your best to keep them clean. We know that sometimes simple vacuuming will not do the trick, and you need to have a deeper clean. Fortunately, we can help. 

We can offer deep cleaning and shampoo services for you, as well as upholstery cleaning for fabric and for leather. We have plenty of cleaning services to help meet your needs, but we offer even more.

Repair and Restoration for Your Carpets

Have you noticed that your carpets are simply not looking as good as they once did, even with vacuuming and cleaning? Over time, the carpet can be subject to a range of different elements that can cause damage. 

Rather than just getting a simple cleaning, you might find that you need to have repair and restoration for your carpets. Lucky for you, NYCleaners can provide you with those services.

Taking Care of Your Oriental Rugs

We also have the knowledge and experience when it comes to taking care of your Oriental rugs. We know how special these rugs are to you, and we know you want them to be as clean and beautiful as possible. We can take care of cleaning, as well as repairs for these delicate types of rugs.

We can help you with all of you carpet cleaning and repair needs. Be sure to contact NYCleaners today.

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