Green Carpet Cleaning

NYCleaners is the best-known carpet cleaning company in Brooklyn and surrounding communities because we deliver the best results with prices that are hard to beat. Green carpet cleaning is another thing that’s making us the only company to call for more customers every day!
Call NYCleaners for green-certified area rug cleaning that has more benefits than you can count on one hand. Our solutions are safe for adults, children, and pets, so you can lie on your rug or play with your pets without concern that harsh chemicals have been used to fully restore your rug to like-new appearance.
We’re proud offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning. You can have the best of both worlds: environmentally friendly cleaning services and thorough results. Contact NYCleaners for eco-friendly area rug cleaning that’s sure to be more than you could possibly expect!

Confidence in Your Cleaning Company and Their Methods

Green carpet care can be done on a daily basis. All you have to do is purchase products that are certified as eco-friendly. Vacuuming often can also keep your rug free of debris so that dirt and dust don’t get ground into the fibers. When you do these simple things daily, eco-friendly area rug cleaning will be a lot more effective!
While you can maintain your rug’s appearance on a daily basis, professional rug cleaners will all tell you that it isn’t worth the risk of ruining your area rug by trying to clean it yourself. We’re not just trying to take your hard earned money when we say this! Experts really do have the skills and tools to achieve professional level results that you just can’t get on your own.

Trust a pro for green carpet restoration, and you won’t regret it. A team that has all the right equipment to transport and clean your rug in an environmentally friendly process will give you all the confidence you could want!

Green Carpet Cleaning That Really Works

Green carpet care is just as effective as chemical cleaning, so you don’t have to worry that your home won’t be as clean if eco-friendly products are used. There is truly no down side to choosing a company that uses natural products.

These products are tested and approved to be safe, but they are also highly effective as former cleaning substances that companies used regularly just a few years ago.

The results that you want are attainable with eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods, despite what anyone tells you. Your area rug will look brand new in most cases. Spot removal can also be done successfully with non-toxic carpet cleaners, as long as you have a skilled team on your side.
The trend to choose eco-friendly products and services isn’t going out of style anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite, if you ask us. Companies who aren’t yet offering environmentally friendly services and solutions will either catch up or lose out to ones who are.

Saving Water and the Environment

Green carpet restoration involves several practices that NYCleaners and other area rug cleaners are very familiar with. As a company that is chosen time and again, we can tell you that the right products can make all the difference.


  • However, that’s not the only way our services are eco-friendly. We also use a minimal amount of water to clean area rugs – up to 80% less than traditional hot water extraction methods.
  • Less waste water and fewer chemicals simply mean that your area rugs will be just as clean as ever using products that are cleaner, healthier and safer for everyone, including your carpet cleaners.
  • Another way that less water in cleaning benefits you is that your rug will dry faster and be ready to replace in your home sooner than they would be with traditional steam cleaning methods. The quicker the area rug cleaning service, the less hassle for its owner, and we know that’s something that everyone is interested in!

Green carpet cleaning is closer than you think. NYCleaning in Brooklyn uses natural cleaning products that are safe for your home’s area rugs and for your family as well.

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Green Carpet Cleaning
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
byNoah R. onGreen Carpet Cleaning
The carpets came back as clean as new

My carpets needed a thorough cleaning for a long time but I couldn’t find any reliable resource. A friend then suggested NYC cleaners. I called them to discuss the whole issue & they recommended my Green Carpet Cleaning. The service was amazing & the staff was extremely professional. The carpets came back as clean as new. Highly Satisfied!

byMason O. onGreen Carpet Cleaning
Incredible work and much obliged!

The team from NYC cleaners worked really hard! Appreciate all their assistance, they were incredibly proficient and respectful in focusing on the entirety of our things while packing the carpets. Incredible work and much obliged! Green carpet cleaning is surely one of the best techniques for carpet cleaning. Recommended!

byElijah V. onGreen Carpet Cleaning
The work done was amazing

Service couldn’t be explained in words as its just amazing. I shifted my residence & my mother-in-law suggested me to get my carpets cleaned by the NYC cleaners as she has tried the services before. I called them; they gave the estimated amount along with the appointment when they’ll reach my home. Provided pick & drop and the work done was amazing. Thumbs up!

byAva B. onGreen Carpet Cleaning
I highly recommend them to everyone!

Green Carpet cleaning is a job that needs an utmost care as chemicals are involved. But the way NYC cleaners carried out the job, it was just amazing. The staff was very kind, helpful & did amazing for the satisfaction of my mother who is very conscious regarding the cleanliness thing. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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