Bakhtiari Rugs

Bakhtiari rugs come from Iran’s Zagros Mountains, which are known for their rugged terrain and snowy peaks. As recently as the 1930s, Bakhtiari rugs were used exclusively by the tribes in this imposing region. Today, they’re coveted by collectors worldwide.

History of Bakhtiari Rugs

Made in the tribal regions of central Persia (now known as Iran), Bakhtiari rugs were influenced by the designs of the nearby Persian cities, particularly Isfahan. The wealthy khans of Bakhtiari commissioned carpets for their palaces, and the tribal citizens worked tirelessly to produce rugs that would be pleasing to the khans. Annually, the Bakhtiari tribesmen would migrate over the mountains, bringing their beautiful carpets to the khans. These carpets are the ones that, today, are the most valued.

What are Bakhtiari Rugs Made Of?

Bakhtiari carpets are made using wool that is rich in lanolin, and then dyed in vibrant colors. Traditionally, only natural dyes are used in the creation of Bakhtiari rugs. Back in the day, a Bakhtiari rug typically took as many as six years to move from the design stage through to completion, and the artistry, simply stated, was incomparable.

n addition to using only the best materials, designers also focused intensely on design. Weavers of these rugs were well known for their intricate motifs, ranging from floral designs to pastoral scenes, with a virtually infinite range of colors.

Bakhtiari rugs are still available today, although truly outstanding examples from the 1800s and the early part of the 20th century can be difficult to find. The best pieces are very much in demand and can prove to be a great investment if you can bear to part with such a beautiful item.

How to Care for Your Bakhtiari Rug

Looking after a Bakhtiari rug with an eye to longevity (whether you want to sell it down the road, or keep it in the family as an heirloom) is not something you should attempt on your own. In other words, renting a steam cleaner from your local supermarket would be a bad idea. A valuable item like a Bakhtiari rug should only be handled by people who know what they’re doing, so if you need to have your Bakhtiari rug cleaned, contact a pro. At NYCleaners, we know how to treat valuable rugs.