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Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Have you ever noticed how frequently your oriental rug endures foot traffic, accidental spills, and accumulated debris? It’s no surprise that dirt and dust settle on its surface with each passing day. Over time, your once-beautiful rug can turn into a haven for filth. Furthermore, tears, moth damage, and other issues may require professional attention.

Don’t worry because we’re here to assist you! At NYCleaners, we are dedicated to restoring the immaculate beauty of your carpet through our meticulous 8-step cleaning process. Additionally, our skilled team can handle repairs for damaged rugs. Let us demonstrate how we expertly soap, rinse, and eliminate dust from your rug, leaving it revitalized and as good as new.

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Step 1: Oriental Rug Inspection

At NYCleaners, we take pride in providing comprehensive care for your oriental rug. When you choose our service, our dedicated team will personally visit your residence to collect your precious rug. The first step in our meticulous process is a careful and detailed examination.

We closely evaluate the extent of dirt accumulation, paying special attention to areas affected by stains or spills. We understand that even a year or two can leave your fabric significantly soiled, so we leave no stone unturned during our thorough inspection. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your rug is effectively purified and revitalized.

Step 2: Removal of Debris

At NYCleaners, we understand that your oriental rug accumulates an astonishing amount of dust and debris over time. That’s why we prioritize the meticulous removal of all unwanted particles through our specialized dust removal process.

Depending on the age and material of your rug, we employ either a comprehensive vacuuming or a gentle dry dusting technique. Our advanced dusting system ensures your rug is freed from dander and dirt, leaving it remarkably cleaner and perfectly prepared for our next cleaning step. Trust us to restore the pristine beauty of your rug with our exceptional care and attention to detail.

Step 3: Spot Cleaning

At NYCleaners, we take special care to address any stains identified during the initial examination of your rug in step 1. Step 3 involves our meticulous spot-cleaning process, utilizing environmentally friendly methods that ensure the utmost care for your rug.

Our skilled technicians employ responsible and effective techniques to eliminate stains, treating your rug with the respect it deserves. By the time we complete the spot cleaning, spills and spots will be a thing of the past, bringing us one step closer to restoring your rug to its former glory.

Step 4: Shampooing the Rug

As an essential part of our treatment, we proceed with the delicate process of soaping the fabric. Our eco-friendly and safe cleanser treats your rug with the utmost care, ensuring its complete purification. Our expert team will effectively eliminate any odors, leaving your carpet with a light and refreshing scent. Bid farewell to debris and pet smells as your rug undergoes a rejuvenating transformation, ready to showcase its true beauty.

Step 5: Rinsing

Once the rug shampoo has worked magic, our dedicated team proceeds with a purified water wash. This crucial step completely removes all treatment residues and lingering soap bubbles. Our trained professionals, with their extensive knowledge of various antique rug types, handle this process with utmost care. They take the time to ensure your fabric is thoroughly and effectively rinsed, leaving it free from any impurities and ready to shine.

Step 6: The Drying Process

As your rug is drying, we prioritize its preservation and ensure it lies flat to prevent any warping or wrinkling of the fabric. Our team takes great care to protect your rug from exposure to excessive heat or any potential damaging elements.

Instead, we rely on the natural flow of open air and utilize gentle fanning techniques to safeguard your fabric. Rest assured, when your rug is returned to your apartment or office, it will grace your floor evenly and beautifully.

Step 7: Smooth and Comb

As we reach step 7, your rug has undergone a meticulous journey of inspection, dust removal, cleaning, drying, and combing. However, to ensure its absolute perfection, we conduct a final examination to detect any traces of dirt or grime before returning it to you. Your rug is ready to shine in your home, radiating its timeless beauty.

It’s important to remember that oriental rugs require special care, and at NYCleaners, we take pride in providing just that. We recommend entrusting us with cleaning your antique carpets at least once every two years to maintain their premium condition and preserve their splendor.

Step 8: Re-examination and Regular Maintenance

After your oriental rug dries, our skilled team at NYCleaners delicately brushes through the fabric using safe combs. This process adds a glossy touch, maintaining your rug’s pristine condition while eliminating lingering dust. Enjoy a beautifully preserved rug in your New York (NY) home or office.

At NYCleaners, your oriental and antique rugs are in expert hands. Our skilled team handles all aspects of cleaning, maintenance, and care. Trust us to deliver a revitalized, glossy rug that preserves its value. Our deep understanding of carpets guarantees exceptional quality and restoration for your fabrics. Experience the NYCleaners difference today.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning
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 10 reviews
byAria K. onOriental Rug Cleaning
The NYC cleaners are GREAT!

I have hired the NYC cleaners many times for the cleaning of my oriental rugs and they are GREAT! Expert, inviting, and they work effectively cleaning rugs. I certainly suggest it. Additionally, simple to plan and get cites.

byCharles W. onOriental Rug Cleaning
They were responsive and worked effectively

I needed to have my room's oriental rug cleaned and discovered great audits of NYC cleaners. They were responsive and sent the technician within a couple of days. He was quick and cordial and worked effectively. I'd definitely get their help again.

byAnthony U. onOriental Rug Cleaning
My oriental carpets look fresh out of the plastic new!

I have attempted numerous organizations throughout the long term and have at last discovered the best one! The quality and administration were stunning. Would enthusiastically suggest hiring them again, my oriental carpets look fresh out of the plastic new!

byElla S. onOriental Rug Cleaning
Antique oriental rugs cleaned and had the significant restoration

We had 2 antique oriental rugs cleaned and one of them had the significant restoration. The two of them look fabulous. The more seasoned one had blurred, tears a lot and bare spots all finished. A debt of gratitude is in order for all the incredible work-NYC cleaners is tops!

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