Blind Cleaning

Your drapes and blinds contribute to the overall attractiveness of your home, but they can become dull and dingy looking over time. Fortunately, you can count on NYCleaners to care for your blinds and drapes thoroughly and professionally.


Cleaning Drapery

Silk curtains are probably the most difficult drapery to clean safely. The sheen and texture of silk are like nothing else, but the beauty of these drapes can easily become tarnished due to a number of environmental factors:

Dust not only dulls your curtains, but is acidic and can damage both natural and artificial fibers.
Smoke and airborne particles from cooking cause yellowing.
Odors from the above can cling to curtains.

At NYCleaners we will carefully remove your drapes from your home, have them cleaned, and return them to you fresh, and glowing.

All the details, such as pleats and tucks, will restored to their original condition.

Fabric Shades and Blinds

Fabric blinds have provided an entirely new way to look at window treatments, and Roman shades, sheer blinds, roller blinds, and cellular shades have taken window décor a step further. Fabric blinds come in a range of colors to compliment your furniture and carpeting, but like anything else in your home, can become soiled over time.

There is no way to adequately clean fabric blinds at home, which is why NYCleaners is the first place you should call when your blinds need cleaning.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the best ways to provide privacy or protection from the sun. Unfortunately, they can become soiled, and their horizontal surfaces easily allow dirt and dust to settle onto them, making them look dingy and neglected. Cleaning Venetian blinds can be a real labor, unless you allow NYCleaners to manage this project for you. Trained associates will perform what might seem to be a miracle – your dirty blinds will now be sparkling clean. The secret is ultrasonic blind cleaning, which will completely clean and rejuvenate your blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Beautiful to behold, but nearly impossible to clean at home, NYCleaners is the place to call when your vertical blinds need cleaning and attention. Our technicians are certified specialists in cleaning blinds in all shapes and sizes. We will make certain that your blinds are competently cleaned and returned to grace your windows once more.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us

When your drapery and blinds need cleaning, call NYCleaners. We will be happy to arrange for a visit and a free consultation. There is no reason to live with soiled, unsightly window treatments when help is only one phone call away. You will also be surprised at how kind we are on your pocket.