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Queens is a great place for families who don’t want to live Downtown. It’s a fantastic place to invest in property and enhance your home’s décor with antique, homemade, or oriental rugs and other decorative. However, many residents of Queens are tired of cleaning their rugs, but they always feel like something is missing. NYCleaners are a leading company providing rug cleaning services with a professional and experienced team. We can help you with area rug cleaning and rug restoration. We understand the challenges of the residents of Queens. 

Below, you can find the services we provide our customers. We clean and repair old and new rugs of different sizes and materials. We send a professional team to your doorsteps to inspect the condition, material, quality of the rug. After this, we start the process with the best possible techniques and solutions to solve the problem. The team will also keep you updated throughout their treatment process. So let’s start with the list of services that we offer in Queens, NYC:

Queens Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning has always been a headache for households. That is what motivated us to facilitate specialized rug cleaning services. We can repair, restore, and clean rugs despite their materials and size. Even stubborn stains do not stop us from creating a new life out of your old rug. Contact our specialists, and they can provide some guidance as to how they can bring back the feel, touch, and smell of your area rug.

Once you are ready for the rug cleaning services we offer, we will visit your place and collect the rug carefully, so you do not have to carry it to our facility. Our team identifies the material and other features of the rug that are essential to know. These features affect the cleaning process. For instance, if the rug is hand-stitched, it requires careful cleaning in contrast to a machine woven rug.

  • Our professional technicians will remove dust from the surface through vacuum or hand.
  • We choose cleaning techniques depending on the fabric and the age of the rug.
  • First, we remove the stains before cleaning the rug completely.
  • The restoration process involves shampooing, hot water extractions, and other appropriate cleaning methods.

If you are afraid that your normal wash may affect your expensive and precious rug’s quality and color, then contact NYCleaners and meet our experienced area rug cleaners.

Sizes of Rugs We Clean

Our team can clean all sizes of rugs. Size has a huge impact on cleaning and maintaining techniques. For instance, larger rugs require more attention and care. NYCleaners offers cleaning services for rug sizes 8X10 and more:

8X10 Area Rugs

These area rugs are perfect for overly crowded areas with extra foot traffic. That is why these rugs require more attention and care. Rugs in areas with more foot traffic suffer from damage easily. To restore such area rugs, we offer proved and tested rug cleaning and restoring services.

9X12 Area Rugs

Residents of Queens prefer this size of rug to cover a larger area or connect all the décor together. It is not easy to clean such a big area rug on your own, especially for the materials such as silk and oriental. You need a professional advice to maintain, repair, and clean this rug. Contact NYCleaners for further information.

10X14 Area Rugs

Such a large rug mostly covers a complete room. You may use it for your bedroom and dining room. As this area rug covers the majority of a room, it suffers from damage easily. However, cleaning 10X14 area rug is difficult and require a lot of experience and knowledge. NYCleaners offers you a professional rug cleaning service despite the size.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

The only disadvantage of Oriental rugs are that they easily collect crumbs, dirt, dust, and develop dust mites. This can be dangerous as it triggers allergies. Removing this filth can be challenging, but our professional and trained cleaners can make this job easy. They are not only experienced in cleaning the oriental rugs but repairs rugs from moths and tearing as well. Cleaners at NYCleaners go through eight different steps to completely fix your oriental rugs. Here are those eight steps so you can understand how we make your dusty and damaged oriental rugs good as new.

Step 1.
First, we inspect the rug’s material and quality. Then, we assess the damage to the Oriental rug. Our team will identify spills and tears on the rug.

Step 2.
Once they complete the inspection, they begin the cleaning process by vacuuming the dust off the rug. If the Oriental rug is old and cannot tolerate a vacuum cleaner’s harsh suction, they dust it with the hands.

Step 3.
Clearing the dirt will help the team identify the stains and spots. Once they can pinpoint the stains, they will start the spot cleaning process with environmentally friendly methods.

Step 4.
Shampooing gives your Oriental rug a refreshing feel. We use a non-harmful cleanser that removes odors and helps purify the rug.

Step 5.
They will carefully remove impurities by cleaning the shampoo with purifying water. The team fromNYCleaners has extensive training and experience in handling old and antique rugs.

Step 6.
The team then flattens the Oriental rugs, removing all the wrinkles so that the rug doesn’t face excessive exposure to heat.

Step 7.
Now, they will inspect the Oriental rug again to ensure that the rug is perfect.

Step 8.
Our job is not done here. Before returning the rug to you, we carefully smooth out the fabric with a comb, giving a final shine and sleek finish.

Types of Rugs we Clean

Here are the materials that we professionally clean in Queens, NYC:
  • ABC Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Agra Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Caucasian Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • Handmade Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Kashmir Rugs
  • Kilim Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Romanian Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Persian Rugs

Organic Rug Cleaning

You may be wondering why people are shifting from traditional rug cleaning methods to Organic rug cleaning. That’s because they receive amazing quality cleanses at the same price. Using green cleaning methods will improve the freshness of the rug and keep it safe from environmental change. Below, we will discuss some benefits of rug cleaning services and how we can provide one of the best organic rug cleaning services in Queens, New York.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that this new organic rug cleaning service can provide the same results as traditional rug-cleaning methods. These are simply the safest and cleanest methods that you can get with less impact on the environment. We use plant-based products in this technique. This type of cleaning method helps protect the rugs so they can get more than 50 years of life, such as oriental rugs. These rugs are antiques and can run in the family for years. That is why experts from NYCleaners use this technique to preserve the delicate fibers and gentle feel of the oriental and silk rugs.

Our experienced team has the skills, techniques, and tools to clean the area rug organically in Queens, NYC. We will inspect the rug to find specific issues and update you as the process continues, so you are aware of your rug’s condition.

Rug Steam Cleaning

Keeping your antique rug new and fresh is not a challenging task if you maintain the rug’s quality. Your rug should go through a professional cleaning process every 12 to 24 months. There are numerous methods to clean your rug without affecting the quality and fibers. The challenge is to decide which cleaning method will work for you. With NYCleaners, you do not have to worry about selecting the method. We will inspect the rug carefully and choose the best technique to uplift the value and quality of your oriental, antique, silk, and any type of rug. Like Organic rug cleaning, steam cleaning service is also an eco-friendly and safe method for you and your home.

Traditional methods will absorb the chemicals inside the fibers that can cause various health issues. In rug steam cleaning, we use water at about 212 Fahrenheit, ensuring that the heat does not affect the rugs’ fibers. The steam from the water eliminates all the pests and dust mites, making the fibers fluffy. Steam cleaning the rug is a challenging task and requires adequate expertise. That is why you need to choose a team with certification in the steam cleaning process, such as the professionals of NYCleaners in Queens, NYC.

Rug Repair and Restoration

Professionals from NYCleanersare also experts in restoring the memories and value of an Antique or Oriental rug. If your rug has faced damage due to moths, continuous exposure to water or sunlight, or other germs, you can contact us to restore it. A professional team will carefully collect the rug from your home and take it to the repairing center. They will inspect the carpet for any damage and note all the details.

If you keep your rug in an area that’s prone to immense foot traffic, the fringes and tassels will start to loosen over the years. Our team will repair the damage to bring it to its original form. They will use different techniques such as re-insertion and hand sewing to fix the issue. We can also fix your carpet from moths and clear the area, extending the life of your rug. We can also restore the color, re-weave, and use different techniques to add patches to cover the holes. Our talented team can deal with any type of rug.

Moth Removal and Extermination

Apart from repairing your rugs, we clear your home from moth infestations. We use advanced tools to remove moths from cracks and holes, which is not possible on your own. You can clean the home from moths, but they might retreat and return once you are done cleaning. A moth infestation in your home can cause numerous health diseases like digestive problems, illness, and allergies. Furthermore, moths can destroy your precious carpet as they feed on the fibers. So if you have any antique or silk rug that runs in your family, you can either hide it somewhere safe or contact us for moth extermination.

The professional team from NYCleanerswill inspect your home for all the hideouts, holes, and possible places where moths may live or lay larvae eggs and vacuum them out, clearing the spots. Furthermore, we ensure that there is no chance for moths to regrow. We use eco-friendly techniques that won’t affect your fabrics and other delicate surfaces.

Mold Removal

Other than moths, mold is also dangerous for your home. They affect the foundation of your home and damage the ceiling, walls, and other surfaces. Clearing can be challenging and time-consuming for you if you are a DIY person. They will affect the atmosphere throughout your home and your immune system, triggering numerous diseases such as asthma. Mold is especially threatening for infants as their growing bodies may develop various health conditions.

An experienced and professional team will inspect your home for mold to remove it and prevent further growth. Mold can damage everything from carpet to furniture. Ignorance will damage the structure of your home and other items that it contains. However, the mold removal techniques are not easy, but our expert cleaners in Queens, NYC, will use their knowledge and experience to eliminate mold from your home.

Bed Bugs Removal

Bed bugs are challenging pests that are difficult to get rid of because they spread so quickly. Each bed bug lays one to five eggs every day under favorable conditions. That is why they are widespread and available almost everywhere in the world. Furthermore, their hitchhiking quality enables them to travel easily. The most difficult part about eliminating the bed bugs is locating all of their hiding spots and removing them completely.

Our experienced bed bugs removing team will inspect your home and use effective methods, techniques, and tools to clear every sign and trace of these blood-sucking bugs. Our team has the training and expertise to determine all of their favorite hiding spots. If you are tired of cleaning your home and still cannot get rid of these bugs in Queens, NYC, contact us, and we can send a professional team right away to inspect your property.

Dust Mites Treatment

Dust mites are equally threatening to your home as bed bugs, moths, and mold. You will find dust mites all-around your home because they feed on dead skin and animal dander. For instance, you will find dust mites inside your

  • Carpets
  • Mattresses
  • Couch

The worst part about dust mites is they generate allergens that trigger various health problems in you and your family. You can remove dust from your house with the help of a vacuum cleaner, but dust mites stay in between the fibers. To address the problem, you can contact us for a thorough deep cleaning process that eliminates dust mites.

We use highly-effective techniques and equipment to help the residents of Queens in NYC live in a healthy and fresh environment. If you require any help to clean your home from dust mites, contact us, and an expert will be on their way to your location.


In need of any of the services, we mentioned above? If so, contact NYCleaners. We will visit your home to complete a proper inspection for pests and mold before starting a cleaning process. All these services that we provide need expert support. You need experience and knowledge in handling these cleaning and repairing process.

We believe in satisfying our clients and making sure they live in a safe environment. This includes cleaning their rugs, thus enhancing their longevity. Our repairing and cleaning center in Queens, NYC, includes experts with experience of working in tough and challenging situations. So when you hire NYCleaners to clean up your home, you are in safe hands.

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I couldn't find any better service in Queens

I'd surely utilize the NYCleaners again as I couldn't find any better service in Queens. The staff hit against the discussed time for pick & drop and incredible work done on my rugs. They were all polite and Coronavirus mindful in their interactions. Much obliged!!

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The staff was very polite & understanding

Queens cannot have such a service as NYCleaners is providing. The staff was very polite & understanding. My rug was cleaned to an elevated expectation and my mom was extremely content with the outcomes. We will keep on utilizing your administrations in the future too.

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I was looking for a fine rug cleaning service in Queens for a long time but couldn't succeed. Finally, NYCleaners went through my research with the best reviews. I hired them and they provided splendid assistance. My dirty rug returned like new. Brilliant service!

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These folks from NYCleaners in Queens worked admirably

I was cheerful that my carpets would return looking cleaner however I never anticipated that they would look Better Than New. These folks from NYCleaners in Queens worked admirably and I will definitely hire them again and recommend them to loved ones. Happy!!

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