Kashmir Rugs

Highly sought after and expensive, Kashmir rugs are an item of true quality. They have many telling characteristics, and can be easily identified by them, with a bit of knowledge. In the rest of this article, we will learn about the past and present of Kashmir rugs, as well as what to look for when buying one. Read on in this article for more tips.

Kashmir Rug History

These carpets are created in – where else? – Kashmir, India. An Indian King in the 1500’s desired his weavers to get accustomed to Persian techniques. He brought in Persian rug makers to aid in this. However, the Kashmir style is very much its own.

Hundreds of years later, some of these fine rugs were taken to London, and so the western world quickly fell in love with the carpets. Indian weavers sought to accommodate the growing demands from the other side of the world.

Present Details

Today, these rugs can become quite costly. The real ones are made of lovely silks and wool. They are handcrafted and knotted to perfection, and come in a lustrous variety of hues and patterns. They are works of art, each one individual. 

Make sure when you are on the hunt to purchase one that is made of the mentioned materials and not cheap rayon combinations.

You have been armed with some great information of what to look for in a Kashmir rug. Above all, integrity, good material and high knotting is to be praised with these carpets. As always,  NYCleaners is here to help you keep your fabric looking beautiful. The rug of your dreams awaits!