9x12 Area Rug Cleaning

For a 9×12 rug cleaning can be a little difficult on your own. NYCleaners can give larger rugs the attention they need while protecting them from creasing, warping or any of the other problems that come with DIY rug cleaning.
We’re NYC’s choice for professional rug cleaning for all sizes and types of rugs. We handle Oriental and Persian rugs with extreme care, doing most of the rug restoration and cleaning by hand.
Our professional team can answer questions about the type of rug you have, and with routine cleanings, we will be able to keep an eye on your area rug, catching damage or deterioration in the earliest stages possible, saving you money on costly restoration services and possible saving your rug from irreparable damage!

Residential Rug Restoration

A 9×12 rug is quite large for a residence. We see homeowners using these larger rugs to pull their living room décor together or to give king or queen sized beds a cozy foundation.
You may not think you can afford rug restoration for an area rug of this size, but it’s always worth checking with a professional rug restoration company like NYCleaners. The services needed may not be cheap, but they’re probably a lot more affordable than replacing the entire rug!
Our rug restoration services are similar to those offered by many other rug care companies. 

The difference is the time and attention that will be given to any piece that is trusted to NYCleaners! Rug restoration can take many forms, so not only does the company of your choice have to be skilled in many different restoration techniques, but they also have to know how to spot certain types of damage and which restoration process will benefit a particular rug the most.

Superior Rug Cleaning for Your Oriental Rug

If any complex restoration services are needed, those things will be addressed first, before professional rug cleaning can be done.
Once your area rug is in one piece again – rewoven, re-dyed or re-fringed – then the cleaning process can begin. A typical 9×12 rug cleaning needs to be done back at our headquarters, where we have everything on hand for efficient, effective cleaning. This includes everything from high-powered vacuums to remove debris before we begin and hot rooms where rugs are quickly dried in a controlled environment.
If an accident has left a large, unsightly stain on your rug, we strongly advise you to call a professional as soon as possible to remove it and thoroughly clean the entire rug.

Owners do a lot of damage to their expensive rugs in the moments after a stain happens – by rubbing it deeper into the fibers or by treating it with harsh chemicals that can remove color from the fibers.


There’s a lot to know about rug cleaning and restoration. NYCleaners is a company you can trust for synthetic and natural fiber rugs. We’re a local company that has the knowledge and experience to restore your 9×12 area rug to like-new condition!

Oriental rugs that are 9×12 or larger can be worth a small fortune. Trust NYCleaners to give it the kind of care it deserves! You will be pleased with the results when you choose the area’s best!

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