Bed Stuy is an amazing place to settle down and start a family. With lots of job opportunities, this area‘s population has high financial stability. It also has plenty of amenities and attractions. For instance, there are plenty of restaurants boasting a wide variety of diverse cuisines, along with thrilling recreational activities. This is a historic neighborhood, and some may even say it is the cultural capital. But for all its perks, the neighborhood has some negative points as well. Firstly, Living in Bed Stuy is comparatively expensive compared to other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Secondly, the place is overly crowded. With increasing job opportunities, the population is drastically rising. Due to the high population, pollution is becoming a major issue. Many homeowners complain that pollution and dust can cause their rugs to wear out fast.

When dirt, dust, and mites accumulate in the rugs, it poses potential health risks for your family. These include asthma and various allergic reactions. That’s why many homeowners in Bed Stuy prefer to consult with professional rug cleaning and restoration service such as NYCleaners. If you live in Bed Stuy and want to learn more about rug cleaning and restoration services, read this article.

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Organic Rug Cleaning Guide

Rug Cleaning Process in Bed Stuy

Oriental rug cleaning isn’t an easy task to do at home. You can remove the dirt and dust accumulated on the surface with a vacuum cleaner, but deep cleaning requires advanced tools and techniques. At NYCleaners, we have professional and skillful technicians who are capable of returning your rug to its original condition following a professional rug restoration process. We understand how precious your Oriental rug is. After all, they are expensive and hold a lot of sentimental value as well. We employ a comprehensive Oriental rug cleaning process to enhance the quality and lifespan of your precious decor. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and training to evaluate and repair your rug. Let’s go over the process of how your old and dusty rug will go through during Oriental rug repair:

  • After you hand over your Oriental rug, our technician will lay it flat to carefully inspect it. They will analyze every inch to identify the damaged parts. This part is essential before starting the rug repair process. A professional will write down all the damaged spots and suitable techniques for their reference. Furthermore, they will also check the thickness, material, and quality of the rug. Because some rugs are more delicate than others, inspection will help them understand the best repairing approach.
  • Oriental rugs easily accumulate harmful particles, such as dander, dust mites, and debris. Vacuum cleaners only clean the surface of the carpet, but it takes thorough cleaning to remove the mites and other particles between the weaves. These particles can contribute to airborne allergens and poor quality in your home. On the other hand, our expert team removes the debris between the fibers. They use dry dusting and other advanced techniques as the initial step of the rug restoration process.
  • Next, the professional will work on the stains and fix any damage on the surface. They use environmentally-friendly techniques to clear up any stains, whether it’s ketchup, wine, pet urine, or coffee.
  • Once they clean the surface, they wash the rug using a safe and non-toxic cleaner. This allows the soap to enter the deeper folds to kill off bacteria and loosen debris. This Oriental rug cleaning process removes odors and loosens the fibers, so your rug gets that soft feeling.
  • An experienced technician will now use an automated machine to remove the cleanser from the surface and inside. Along with the shampoo, water will also rinse out impurities from your rug.
  • It’s time to head to the drying process. During this step, the expert will remove any warping and wrinkles in the rug. An experienced technician controls the process to prevent any damage due to over-heating.
  • The expert carefully re-examines the rug and removes the remains of the dirt and grime. Next, they inspect the fringes and weaves for any damage.
  • This is the final step of the rug restoration process. In this step, our highly skilled worker will give the finishing touch. They will use a brush to bring your rug to its original form.

Types of Rugs

Besides Oriental rugs, our professionally trained teams also restore other materials. Of course, they follow different rugs treatment processes depending on the size, material, quality, and condition. Here are some types of rugs that our technicians clean and repair with high expertise:

  • Kashmir Rugs
  • Pile Rugs
  • Flat Weave Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Caucasian Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Natural Fiber Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Spanish Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs

Rug Steam Cleaning Services in Bed Stuy

We also offer steam cleaning services in Bed Stuy. This is a safe and efficient deep rug cleaning method.

In this process, our highly experienced worker visits your home to deep clean your Oriental rug, removing any bacteria and debris. After rug steam cleaning, your rug will feel and smell incredible. A professional rug cleaning service such as NYCleaners conducts the cleaning process using the following technique:

  • A professional NYCleaners technician will visit your home and inspect the rug you want to clean. They remove all the obstacles from the surface of the rug to clean every inch of it. Items such as toys and furniture slow down the cleaning process.
  • Our team will make a note and list down all the damages. They ask you few questions about usage, age, and type of carpet to give the best care.
  • If the expert notices any damage, such as faded color, moth damage, pet stains, wrinkles, or water damage, they will solve that problem first.
  • After the repairing process, our qualified team will use a special vacuum to remove the dust particles from the surface. Once they are done with the pre-vacuuming process, the technician will start the deep cleaning process.
  • There are two types of steam cleaning methods. The first is a portable machine, which is easy to handle and flexible to use. The other involves a unit-mounted portable truck. Oriental rug steam cleaning with the unit-mounted portable truck is not possible in every situation. Once our crew decides the best method for rug cleaning, they set the steamer setting for the cleaning process.
  • They spread a layer of non-toxic detergent on the rug surface to remove stains and marks. This step is crucial. Otherwise, the heat from the steamer could make stains permanent.
  • The cleaning expert will raise the temperature to almost 120 degrees Celsius and move it all over the rug. Tracing the steamer in a straight direction cleans the rug from deep inside efficiently. Because of the high temperature, the water will turn into steam, extracting the detergent.
  • The rug steam cleaning process does not leave behind a significant amount of moisture. Nevertheless, the cleaning technician still removes whatever moisture remains in the rug to completely dry it out. Furthermore, our expert will also clean any remaining water in the room to eliminate the risk of bacterial growth.

Rug Repair Services in Bed Stuy

Oriental rugs are expensive, yet they give your home an aesthetic appeal. Besides decorative purposes, they also hold an emotional value, considering that many rugs are passed through generations. Because of their delicate fibers and constant use, they wear out with time. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional team to inspect the Oriental rugs, so your rugs return to their original quality. Numerous factors, such as high foot traffic and moth infestation, can damage your Oriental rugs. Furthermore, the fibers of the rugs will unravel over time due to pressure.

So, it would be beneficial if you consult a professional rug cleaning and restoration service such as NYCleaners. Here are some services that we offer to our clients:

  • Experienced technicians in our facility carefully inspect the rug for any damage. They check every inch of the rug and write down small and major damages.
  • For unraveled and loosened fringes and tassels, our professional technicians use hand-sewn or re-insertion techniques. They will repair the fibers to bring the best out of your old rug. They know how to add new fringes or repair the old ones.
  • They also mothproof your home to prevent the risk of moths eating up your rug. They know how to locate and clear out moths from your home.
  • The fabric of the rug material forms holes over time. Our qualified rug repairing team can fix the holes and patches with great precision.
  • Also, we reweave old Oriental rugs to make them good as new. Our experts are training in different reweaving techniques for rug repair.
  • We also have a team to address color and pattern issues. They solve color bleeding problems to breathe new life into your rug’s vibrant patterns.


NYCleaners is a popular rug cleaning and restoration service in Bed Stuy. We have professional teams with extensive experience in the rug cleaning business. At NYCleaners, we know how to satisfy our customers with high-quality service. If you live in Bed Stuy, you can give us a call at 718-646-7375 and consult with a professional technician for your carpet cleaning and restoration needs.

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byMarissa L. onRug Cleaning
We've had our rugs cleaned multiple times

What a stunning experience!  NYCleaners were responsive, useful and a delight to work with. While David worked at my home, cleaning the rugs, he'd intermittently send me refreshed shots of the carpet looking cleaner and cleaner. We've had our rugs cleaned multiple times since we acquired it and never thought we'd see it this much perfect, at least not in Bed Stuy.

bySheryl W. onRug Cleaning
My rug has never looked better!

Awesome experience. Simple to book, affable professional (David) who went ahead time, and extraordinary outcomes. My rug has never looked better! In case you're in Bed Stuy, go for none other than NYC cleaners.

byDwane M. onRug Cleaning
Superbly cleaning my dear oriental rug!

David worked superbly cleaning my dear oriental rug! We didn't have any huge or evident stains, it simply required a decent and perfect wash and we're content with how it turned out. It looks and feels refreshing!

byBenjamin C. onRug Cleaning
Amazing rug cleaning company

Incredible experience! From getting a statement to set an appointment, everything was brisk and simple. The costs were reasonable. David was simply amazing - too decent, informative, brief, and gave us tips on the best way to keep the rugs clean. He was likewise patient and kind regarding my pet. Bed Stuy has now an amazing cleaning company in the town named NYCleaners.

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