Bed-Stuy has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in the New York Metropolitan area, but like every part of the Big Apple, pollution and dirt can find a way to your carpets and rugs, making them dull and lifeless. Besides ruining the appearance of your carpeting, dirt can shorten the life of your rugs, which may well represent a significant financial investment. If you’re worrying about how to clean your rugs and carpets safely, you have a reliable service that can provide excellent care – NYCleaners.

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The NYCleaners Difference

Today’s busy schedules can make it hard to care for your Bed-Stuy rugs and carpets as you would like. And if you have an Oriental rug, you are certainly aware of the more dedicated level of care needed. Whatever your rug and carpet needs, NYCleaners has the solution. You’ll find that we are fast, responsive, and professional in caring for every kind of carpet and rug. Our knowledge of fibers is second to none and will assure that your floor coverings will be safely cleaned.

  • For those with Oriental and other handmade, natural fiber rugs, we will clean your rug in our well-equipped, modern facility. Natural fiber rugs demand a special level of treatment to keep them safe, and we do provide just that.
  • Dry cleaning is available when your carpets are not seriously soiled or stained. Dry cleaning removes dirt very well and your carpet is ready for use in a very short period of time.
  • For more difficult jobs, or for those who want the most thorough carpet cleaning, we suggest deep steam cleaning. There is nothing like hot steam to not only remove dirt and grime right down to the carpet backing, but also allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Bacteria and viruses are also removed by deep steam cleaning.
  • Safe, green cleaning agents, and trained carpet technicians deliver the best rug and carpet care in Bed-Stuy.