Rug Cleaning Hollis Hills

Hollis Hills is a gorgeous area of Queens, NY. Many of the homes have yards, and trees line the streets. It is a pleasant place to live with interesting sites and places to visit. It has the appearance of a small town right in Queens. Those who have homes in this area want to keep them beautiful from top to bottom, and that most assuredly means the carpets and rugs.

Oriental Rug Repair and Cleaning

Anyone who owns an Oriental rug knows that it takes a delicate touch to clean them properly. 

If the rug has become faded, fringed, or has some stains that seem deep set and stubborn, you will not have the ability to remedy these issues on your own. 

Fortunately, our specialists know how to repair and clean your Oriental rugs the right way.

Rug Repair and Restoration

We can provide you with more than just care for your Oriental rugs though. NYCleaners can help to clean upholstery – both fabric and leather, and we can remove bed bugs and dust mites. 

We have the knowledge, as well as the experience needed to provide you with a wealth of services, and we can do it without using chemicals that would be harmful to children or pets.

Keep Your Rugs Looking Great

Your carpet and rugs say a lot about your home and how you treat it. You want to have beautiful carpets and rugs for your own enjoyment, as well as for when you have company. Get in touch with NYCleaners today to see just how we can help with your carpet cleaning and restoration needs, whatever they may be.

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