Steam Cleaning for Furniture

The furniture in your house is one of the most significant investments you make in your life. With time, this furniture traps allergens, dust, and dirt within its fibers. When you lay down or sit on your furniture, you are more than likely to inhale all of than dust in which can worsen pre-existing allergies. Hence, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of a professional company that provides quality furniture steam cleaning solutions. NYCleaners is an ideal choice for many who have embedded grease and dirt in their furniture items. We are highly skilled at providing furniture steam services.

What Is Furniture Steam Cleaning?

It is prudent to get your furniture steam cleaned at least once annually. Dirt and dust that is accumulated give a very shabby appearance to your furniture items; especially, couches and sofas. Furniture steam cleaning is an ideal cure for this problem, which means you do not have to discard your furniture if it has soiled or become worn out. This process involves not only removing stains and dirt, but it also disinfects all surfaces and kills bacteria and dust mites. As a result, your furniture items are restored to their original condition, and the indoor air quality is improved as well owing to all the dirt removal in the furniture steam cleaning process.

Furniture Steam Cleaning Procedure

Furniture steam cleaning entails a process called hot water extraction that does an exemplary job of removing all stains and dirt from your furniture and upholstery. If you get our help of a qualified furniture steam cleaning provider like us, we will go through the following cleaning process:

  • First of all, the team will scrutinize the furniture piece to gauge the level of damage. They will look at the color, age of the furniture, and the fabric type to decide on the best approach.
  •  After the examination, they will spot treat any specific areas on your mattresses, chairs, sofas, couches, or any other furniture items which look like they need more attention.
  • The deep cleaning starts after the spot treating is over. The furniture steam cleaning machine injects a special cleaning solution and hot water into the furniture. This releases the dirt particles deep within the furniture pieces.

  • Then the machine extracts the water to erase all the dirt.
  • Lastly, the team will examine the furniture again and make sure you are content with their service and your cleaned furniture. The treated furniture pieces will dry within a couple of hours. You can expedite the drying process by using a fan and a blow dryer.

You are more than welcome to steam clean your furniture yourself with the help of a handheld steamer. However, the results would pale in comparison to those achieved by hiring a professional furniture steam cleaning service like NYCleaners.