Kilim rugs are a very unique and gorgeous type of Oriental rug. It has the combined grace and grandeur of Persian rugs. Unlike other Oriental rugs, Kilim rugs have a pile-less textile made from several flat weaving textiles. To ensure your unique Kilim rug stays in good condition, it is important to take care of its maintenance and cleaning. Rug cleaning can be a hassle, especially if you have a precious Kilim rug to take care of. 

For this reason, NYCleaners offers an eco-friendly rug cleaning process for your valuable Kilim rug. Contact us today and have your beautiful Kilim rug treated with us.

What Makes Kilim Rug so Special?

The word ‘Kilim’ has a Turkish origin. The origin of Kilim rugs date backs to the time of Mongolian rule. However, Kilim rugs have a mixed heritage from Turkey, North Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. The mixed heritage gives Kilim rug beautiful patterns and colors with intricate detailing.

Kilim rugs are a class apart from the other rug. Although they are pile-less, the colors, patterns, and weaving techniques of the Kilim rug make them very special and a must-have to decorate your house with. Unlike other rugs they have flat-weave surface which means they are more delicate and requires extra care especially when cleaning.

Most Kilim rugs are made with wool. But the ground-in dirt and grime get deeply accumulated in woolen rugs. Vacuuming cannot sweep out all the dirt inside the fibers of the rug. At the same time, carpet shampoos and cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can ultimately decrease the quality of or loosen the woolen fibers.

Natural fibers require professional care to ensure that there is no damage to the rug during the cleaning process. This is why getting your Kilim rug professionally cleaned is a wise option. To ensure the utmost care and cleaning of your rug, we perform steam cleaning to make your Kilim rug look good as new.

Restoration of Kilim Rug

Before we begin stem cleaning your rug, our specialists thoroughly examine your rug to see its length, quality, pile, and condition to determine what cleaning method is best for it. We not only examine Kilim rugs for cleaning but also whether it needs restoration or repair.  We also see for any holes or loose fibers and are more than willing to offer rug repair, rug restoration, and fringe repair services.

Steam Cleaning of Kilim Rug​

Steam cleaning is the best treatment we perform to clean Kilim rugs. Steam carpet cleaning uses hot steam to remove dirt and grime from a carpet, thereby killing germs and bacteria.

Our steam cleaner heats the water until it reaches the boiling point. The water is then pressured through the nozzle and other attachments, which produces a vapor. The vapor is hot and strong enough to loosen dust, dirt and kill all mites and bacteria living between the fibers of your carpet. Steam cleaning requires no suction because the high-heat moisture dries very quickly.