Kerman rugs are made in the Iranian city of Kerman, as well as a few other southeastern Iranian villages. Made by amazingly talented craftspeople, these rugs feature intricate designs with elaborate medallions and pictorial elements.

History of Kerman Rugs

Kerman rugs go back as far as the 1700s, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era that they became popular in Britain and other countries. The designs have changed and evolved a bit over time, with the Victorians wanting very ornate patterns that covered the entire rug, while in more modern times the preference has been for a complex medallion in the center, a relatively empty field, and elaborate edges.

Today, Kerman rugs are generally created for the modern, western world, and incorporate elements from both styles.

What is the Appearance of Kerman Rugs?

The diverse styles notwithstanding (a lot of background versus little), Kerman rugs are invariably colorful. In antique Kerman rugs, you’re most likely to see rich reds and blues, with accent colors of turquoise and orange. Today, the preference is for softer hues in essentially the same patterns, so you might see combinations like beige and pink, gray and blue, or various tones of green.

If you think that this sounds like an outstandingly beautiful work of art, you’re right. In fact, many people wouldn’t even think of putting a Kerman rug on the floor, where people could damage it by walking on it. Instead, they use Kerman rugs as wall hangings.

How to Care for Kerman Rugs?

If your Kerman rug is hanging on a wall, you probably don’t have to worry all that much about caring for it – just vacuum it off once in a while. If it’s on the floor, though, it’s going to be vulnerable to dirt and stains, all of which should be dealt with immediately. You can spot-clean a Kerman rug with club soda or plain water. Don’t use anything harsh.


If your Kerman rug needs deep cleaning, you’re best advised to call a pro. You don’t want to ruin something that could become a valuable family heirloom. At NYCleaners, we know how to care for Kerman rugs, so if you need us, we’re there for you.