Rug Cleaning Carroll Gardens

It’s no secret that Oriental rugs are considered by many to be the highest examples of the art of rug making. Whether your Carroll Gardens Oriental rug is an antique made hundreds of years ago, or one that is freshly off the loom, you will want to do everything possible to preserve its beauty. Caring for Oriental rugs properly is a bit more complicated than caring for ordinary floor coverings. Professional cleaning is the best way to make certain that your Oriental rug is cared for properly, and NYCleaners can provide this service.

Pollution, both indoor and outdoor, can take a real toll on your rug, damaging the fibers and dulling the colors. Compaction and ground in dirt act like sandpaper on carpet fibers and can lead to ‘bald spots’ or even holes in your rug.

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Care for Your Oriental Rug

Authentic, handmade Oriental rugs are special for a number of reasons: hand knotted rugs take literally months of work by skilled artisans to create; natural vegetable dyes lend an intense, but lustrous, color to the rug; natural wool and silk fibers are used in traditional Oriental rugs of any age, and these fibers require special care when the rug is being cleaned. Keeping your Oriental rug in Carroll Gardens beautiful is easy for NYCleaners.

  • We have a rug-cleaning facility that contains the equipment needed to clean your Oriental rug without harming it.
  • The cleaning agents we use have been chosen because they clean your rug completely, but without causing any harm like harsh chemical cleaners. The fibers and color of your rug will retain their integrity.
  • Pick up at your home and delivery of your freshly cleaned Oriental rug make this one of the most convenient ways to take care of your floor coverings.

Don’t leave cleaning your Oriental rug to chance, make sure that your rug receives professional care from NYCleaners.