Pet Stain Removal

Removing pet urine stains may appear simple, but if you have carpeting or even hardwood floors, the fluid seeps in deep quickly. Dabbing the spot or using a shop vac will only remove a small portion of the problem. Professional pet stain cleaning is a process that reaches deep into the floor, to get everything out.

Think about how a sponge (or a paper towel) absorbs water. It starts collecting water in one spot, then spreads and seeps throughout. That’s what happens when your pet has an accident on the floor. The urine seeps down to the base of the floor and into the cracks and seams. Simple dabbing will only remove the stain on the surface.

The Impact of Stains over Time

Whether you are in need of cat or dog stain removal, whether it’s because you’re moving out and want to leave a clean, stain-free apartment behind or you’re just realizing that there are too many stains throughout your home, at some point you notice the problem.

A side effect of improperly treated or ignored pet accidents that develops over time is pet odor. 

This is one of the most common reasons why people seek out stain control, because they actually require pet odor control.

The Odor of Old Stains

Spots are one thing. We can generally deal with those. Yet even one stain from your pet can actually create a strong odor that is hard to ignore. Especially in the summer months when the sun heats up your home and you have the windows closed with the air conditioning pumping; that’s when you notice it most. That’s when you realize that you need the best pet odor control you can find.

Spots on the Furniture

For dog lovers, you might also notice spots and stains on your furniture. When dogs sleep, their eyes tend to water and when that happens, it can leave saline stains behind. That’s when you need a dog tear stain removal as well to protect your furniture and keep it looking new.


Every pet owner eventually needs a thorough cleaning service or company. Accidents happen, even to the most well trained animals.

NYCleaners has a proven track record of success in pet stain removal and is ready to show you how wonderful it can be to live pet stain free.