8x10 Area Rug Cleaning

The addition of an 8×10 rug can totally change the appearance of a room in your home. You can use a smaller rug in kids’ rooms, a small master bedroom, or in a kitchen with damaged floors. These are rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, so having a reliable area rug cleaning company is a must!
At NYCleaners, we give customers the best 8×10 rug cleaning services they can get!
We can restore rugs that are heavily used or maintain the appearance of those that are treaded upon less frequently. Our rug cleaning methods are industry tested and approved, great for preserving the appearance and condition of your 8×10 area rug.
No job is too big or too small, so give us a call for rug care and restoration for all sizes and types!

Area Rug Cleaning and Restoration for ALL Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

Whether you have a rug of traditional size and shape or one that is more unique, it will receive the same basic steps of care.


  • We begin each rug cleaning service by picking up the rug from your home and packing it carefully for transportation, careful to note any damages or stains that will need to be pre-treated before the actual cleaning begins.
  • The cleaning method we choose depends on the condition of your rug and the material it is comprised of. Some 8x10 rugs need to be submerged in order to remove deep stains and odors, while the majority can be cleaned with traditional hot water extraction.
  • Once we’ve chosen the right method for your 8x10 rug cleaning, the work is only half-way done. We have industrial drying equipment that thoroughly and quickly removes moisture from a freshly cleaned rug so there aren’t any residual odors or a chance for mold or mildew to develop.
  • When the rug has been dried, NYCleaners will deliver it back to you in even better condition than before!

Rug Restoration Damaged and Dirty Area Rugs

Rug restoration isn’t a guessing game…it’s a service that takes a lot of experience and training to get it right, since every 8×10 area rug we see is a little different. Restoring a rug takes hands-on care that is specific to the rug’s material as well as the type of damage it has undergone.

If your rug has been affected by destructive pets or moths, we can reweave matching fibers into the rug so that the damaged areas will be undetectable. We can also restore rugs that have lost their vibrant colors due to direct sunlight, chemical cleaning, or dirt and debris being worked into the fibers with painstaking airbrush painting, always done by hand, or one of our other color-matching services.

If you spent a lot of money on an area rug or have one that has been handed down to you, it just makes sense to put it in capable hands for a lifetime of enjoyment. The ability to give owners a rug that looks practically brand new with our rug restoration and cleaning services is a skill that we’re proud to share!

Giving customers the very best 8×10 rug care and restoration they can get is our #1 priority! NYCleaners won’t stop until your Oriental rug is stain- and damage-free!

Area Rug Care

Area Rug Care

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