Moth Proofing for Carpets

Moths hold the capability to totally destroy your carpets at your home, which you adore so much. Carpet moths tend to eat their way through the carpets at a remarkable speed. This leaves the hideous patch on your floor. Do not let your carpets suffer the same fate. Get in touch with NYCleaners immediately and leave it to their professional team to safeguard your carpets against larvae and moths.

Carpet Moth Proofing Services

Moth proofing carpets is a practice of providing the finishing to the carpet, which prevents the growth of moths. The need to have such carpets at your home is paramount.

Professional carpet moth proofing services usually involve applying a moth repelling solution to the carpets to prevent future moth problems. This solution is effective against other kinds of pests as well, such as dust mites. Treatment ought to be applied at least once every four years for frequently used carpets and area rugs. This is a smart investment on your invaluable carpets to preserve them for an extended period.

Most of the carpets and area rugs sold in the market these days are already moth proofed. However, if you purchased your carpet a long time back, it very well might be vulnerable to moth damage. The susceptibility to moths is even more if the area rug or carpet is made from silk, wool, and other natural fibers. Moths or their eggs can be observed often in some areas of the carpet. This is an indication of moth infestation.

That being said, this is no reason to discard your carpet and purchase a new one. You can engage the services of a professional cleaning company that excels in applying moth proofing to various carpets and area rugs. NYCleaners is one such service provider that you can trust in this regard.

Carpet Moth Proofing Tips

  • Regular vacuuming is by far the best way to prevent the invasion of carpet moths. Needless to say, prevention is always better than cure! It is crucial to not only extensively vacuum the carpet but also the areas under the furniture, along the skirting boards and any dark corners near the carpet. Be sure to use a high powered vacuum.
  • Buy moth papers that contain powerful insecticides. These prevent the adult moths from laying more eggs
  • Spray your carpet frequently with insecticide sprays, which helps to prevent moth and larvae infestation.
  • Get in touch with a professional moth proofing service like NYCleaners who have loads of experience in pest control. They treat carpets with a solution that renders the carpet’s fabric inedible to the larvae. Getting your area rug or carpet professionally cleaned also enhances the longevity of the said carpet.
  • Be sure to purchase the best area rugs and moth proofed carpets on the market such as Telenzo and Penthouse.