Agra rug combines the beauty of Persian rugs and ethnic Indian rugs. Agra rugs are among the finest of Indian rugs. It features a thick pile, beautiful colors and intricate details. Agra rugs are an excellent choice for decorating homes. When you use rugs to decorate your house it is important to maintain them well and take care of its cleanliness. Rug cleaning is necessary, but it can be a hassle, especially if you have a precious Agra rug to take care of.  

This is why NYCleaners offers organic rug cleaning process for your valuable Agra rug. Contact us today and have your Agra rug treated with our premium oriental rug cleaning service.

Eco-Friendly Agra Rug Cleaning

We have a wide variety of cleaning methods for your rugs. Before we start cleaning your rug, our specialists thoroughly examine the quality and pile of your rug. We also check for any holes or loose fibers. If your rug requires extra repair and care we are more than willing to provide our rug restoration services. We repair holes and fringes of your rug so that your Agra rug looks clean and good as new. 

One of the best methods we suggest for your Agra rug is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is very effective is safe, very effective, and also eco-friendly.

Why use Steam Cleaning on Agra Rugs?

It goes without saying that Agra rugs are very valuable, and you must have invested a lot to have one in your house. If you think you can take care of your Agra rug, especially with type of maintenance and cleaning it requires, then you may need to think again. When you have something as valuable as an antique Agra rug it requires special care and professional cleaning treatment.

Vacuuming can either loosen or make the fibers of your Agra rug coarse. Carpet shampoos and cleaners have harsh chemicals that can derail the quality of your rug. Steam cleaning is very safe to use and does not affect the quality of your rug. It removes dirt, grime and kills bacteria, molds, and allergens with very hot steam.

Method of Steam Cleaning for Agra Rug

Our steam cleaner heats the water to the extent that it reaches its boiling point. The water is pressured through the nozzle and other attachments which produce vapor. The vapor is very hot and strong enough to loosen dust, dirt and kill all the mites and bacteria living inhabiting the fibers of your carpet. Steam cleaning requires no suction as the high-heat moisture dries very quickly.

Our staff is made up of floor covering specialists who understand how to clean wool rugs safely and effectively.

Why Choose Us?

You will find several carpet cleaning services promising premium cleaning treatments and professional care for your rugs. Unlike other cleaning services we not only aim to clean your rugs and carpets. We want to make the cleaning process the safest for your rug and for you too. This is why we use steam cleaning and other organic rug cleaning methods to provide you a premium rug cleaning experience.

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 4 reviews
byNathan M. onNYCleaners
Extraordinary work cleaning an old Agra rug

Extraordinary work cleaning an old Agra rug. Yet again colors are dynamic and a rash doggy mishap does not show anymore. Cordial and friendly service & assistance.

byHelen R. onNYCleaners
NYC Cleaners works marvels!

NYC Cleaners works marvels! Can't suggest them exceptionally enough. I had four rugs harmed over the course of the years by canines, cats, spilled food, and so on. They returned looking absolutely new after a steam clean! Splendid Job done.

byNick J. onNYCleaners
Commendable service!

I love NYC Cleaners for their service with respect to Agra rugs. I'm a designer and have sent my many customers here for quite a long time. I, when all is said and done, just got my rug that my cat had tumbled down and it looks better compared to the day I purchased it! Delicate and clean! Commendable service!

bySara D. onNYCleaners
The best service to avail!

This is where to go if you need a direct, proficient, clear business. NYC Cleaners did my rug exactly how I asked and wanted, and it was made ready when guaranteed at the cost cited. The best service to avail!