Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning

Wall to wall carpeting is as popular as ever, and chances are that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some people just aren’t willing to give up the warm, soft feel of carpet when they step out of bed every morning, so NYCleaners sees a lot of homes and apartments with carpeting in the bedroom(s). Other homes have carpeted living rooms, perfect for playtime, cuddling, or giving pets the perfect place to laze about!

Kids, pets, and even us adults can make pretty big messes on our carpet. Spot cleaning is inevitable, and you’ll definitely need to have the entirety of your wall to wall carpet cleaned periodically.

Even if your home has only 1, 2, or 3 rooms of carpet, you still need to find a reliable Manhattan carpet cleaning pro to give it a deep clean from time to time.


NYCleaners has the tools to get deep down into the carpet’s fibers for a clean that you can see, feel and smell! A professional carpet cleaning can rid your home of allergens, pests and odors and replenish the feel of your squished carpet fibers.

Our wall to wall carpet cleaning is different from area rug cleaning, as it should be. Cleaning a rug versus wall to wall carpeting has some significant differences, and not many companies are certified and experienced in both like we are. Any company that tells you it’s basically the same thing doesn’t know what they’re talking about!
Give NYCleaners a chance, and you’ll never need another rug or carpet cleaner!

A select few Manhattan carpet cleaners offer organic carpet cleaning for homes and businesses, and we happen to be one of them!

You might thing it isn’t worth your time or money to have the carpet of your one-bedroom apartment cleaned, but you would be amazed (and probably disgusted) to know how much dirt and other unwanted substances could be trapped inside your carpet’s fibers.

Steam cleaning is just one of our eco-friendly services that not only gives our customers amazing results, but it also gives them peace of mind! We also still offer hot water extraction and other methods that you’re probably a little more familiar with. We can recommend the best service for your home, and we’ll definitely take your preferences into account!

If you only have 2 rooms of carpet in your home, it’s just as important that those rooms are cleaned on a regular basis as it is for a home with full wall to wall carpeting. Even if you don’t allow food in rooms with carpet, there are many other types of particles that can lodge deep inside the carpet, near its backing, including dust, dirt, and hair.

Wall to wall steam cleaning is a great option for any home. A couple of rooms of carpet won’t take long to steam clean, and with this method, the carpet will be dry and capable of being walked on again before you know it.

Larger houses and apartments, those with 3 or more carpeted rooms, need care and attention, too, but we know you want to get back to your everyday life as soon as possible. Speed is just as important to many customers as level of cleanliness!

Professional carpet cleaners – just like other contracted service providers – really know how to get the most out of your time and money. 

If you want to have expertly cleaned carpets in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it yourself, don’t hesitate to call a pro!

Choose a New York carpet cleaner who knows the business and has a perfect combination of experience and willingness to embrace better methods. NYCleaners is just that company! With years of carpet care under our belts, we consider ourselves an authority on traditional carpet cleaning methods, but we never shy away from learning about a new, innovative way of cleaning carpets, rugs, and more.

NYCleaners provides wall to wall carpet cleaning for one, two, or three rooms of Manhattan homes. We have seen the growing need for partial home cleaning, and we’re happy to provide this much-needed service! Contact us today!

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Wall to Wall Carpet cleaning

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byRussell C. onNYCleaners
Extremely content with everything!

Quick assistance. Genuine and fair. However, in particular, they are magnificent!!! In addition to the fact that they got out all stains during wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, they put a deodorizer down that made all that smell perfect and new. They wore veils and adhered to Coronavirus rules. Extremely content with everything!

byCharlotte T. onNYCleaners
Much appreciated, folks you are awesome

I love these folks they have been hired by me for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning for quite a long time and my carpets look new without fail, they are exceptionally prompt and wonderful to manage! Much appreciated, folks you are awesome.

byMarie N. onNYCleaners
Extraordinary organization!

Extraordinary organization! Required a latest possible moment, little work... The staff was affable and response to my solicitation for service was speedy. They got down on 30 minutes and shown up as examined. All of them worked really hard!

byRoy W. onNYCleaners
Awesome, proficient, and viable!

Awesome, proficient, and viable! Truly love my perfect rugs and like the incredible skill. I'd utilize them again and suggest. Entirely sensible evaluating as well. Much thanks to you!