Organic Carpet Cleaning

The world has gone through lots of changes in the past 100 years. More and more chemicals are being used in our everyday lives, including those used to clean our homes. These chemicals are often toxic to humans and to pets. It has become very important to families to choose organic alternatives.

NYCleaners is the perfect company in NYC to bring organic carpet cleaning methods into your home for spotless, fresh rugs and carpets which are safe for your family and pets.

Green Cleaning Products

Organic rug cleaning is achieved through of the use of safe, non-toxic, natural products rather than harsh synthetic products, in combination with cleaning methods which are safe for the environment. Pure organic carpet cleaning often uses substances such as salt, citric acid, and soda ash – all of which are perfectly safe for children and for pets.

  • We combine steam-cleaning with a deep rinse, and special methods to extract water from carpets with non-toxic, bio-degradable products to make your carpets super clean.
  • When we are done your carpets, rugs, and home, will be cleaner, fresher, and safe!
  • We clean all sorts of carpets organically and specialize in Oriental rugs which are hand washed and dried by our trained technicians.

Cleaning Methods

Green carpet cleaning is truly the way to go today to get clean carpets while keeping your home safe and free of toxins, which are brought in to your home by cleaning companies which don’t use green cleaning carpet methods. 


Eco green carpet cleaning is not only good for your family it’s good for the earth as well.

Call NYCleaners today to make an appointment to have your carpet cleaned and refreshed using organic, green methods which will breathe new life into your rug. It will also make your home safer for your family and pets.