Caucasian Rugs

Simple and beautiful Caucasian rugs are both exotic and valuable. Their culture makes them interesting to many, and their history tells several stories. In these next few paragraphs, we will explore the origins and forms of the Caucasian rug, and what they mean for us today. Furthermore, we will see why many find them a necessary piece for their home or collection.


Caucasian Rug History

These types of carpet originated in the Caucasus Mountains, an area that sits between Iran and Turkey in current times. They are unique pieces, perfect for their blended culture. They fall into the category of both before and after 1925. If a Caucasian rug is an antique, (over 100 years old) then it has been created with natural coloring, whereas newer rugs are made differently.

Caucasian Rug Details

As previously stated, rugs less than 100 years old are often made using cotton and unnatural dyes, which causes an antique carpet to be highly desired. The hues are bright and colorful, made up of reds, blues and yellows mostly. Sharp, angular shapes were worked into the material, and they used whatever fabric was recognized by the tribe creating the piece. Wool was fairly common. They are an excellent blend of Persian and tribal cultures.

These beautiful carpets make interesting additions for those seeking an unconventional and historical rug to display. They also attract those who love uncomplicated, clean patterns. Caucasian rugs are a thing a beauty, certainly. Don’t forget to consult NYCleaners on cleaning and details for the upkeep of your carpet.