Moth Removal from Carpets

Moths are one of the biggest threats to the integrity of your carpets. A huge red flag is staring at you in the face if you see minuscule moths flapping around your carpets. If you are dealing with an ugly carpet moth infestation and require moth removal services urgently, do not fret and give us a call right away!

Moth Removal Service

The adult moths are not as much of a problem as their larvae, which reside in the floor coverings.These larvae have a particular fondness for silk and wool carpets. They chew away at the backing and fibers of the carpet feeding on the keratin molecules, which are present in the carpets. Also, if left untreated, they can infest drawers and wardrobes as well, thus causing additional damage.
It is always wise to seek assistance from professional services that are more than equipped to relieve your carpets from troublesome pests like moths. We put the carpet through rigorous cleaning routines so that it is completely moth free.

Carpet Moth Removal Process

If you have taken it upon yourself to treat your infected carpet, you should get the ball rolling without further ado.
Use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to vacuum the affected carpet thoroughly. Make sure you get into all the cracks and crevices. Pay more attention to the underside of the furniture items, which are around the infected carpet. Finally, and most importantly, remove the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag afterward and get rid of them as soon as you can. Regular vacuuming will keep the carpet moths at bay.
You can also employ the use of alternative treatments such as using carpet moth removal sprays, Pheromone traps, wet cloth and ironing, and baking soda and vinegar. It is best to use the wet cloth and ironing treatment last treatment along with the vacuuming. This particular moth removal process involves soaking a cloth in water and laying it over the infested carpet areas. Then you take a preheated iron and place it on the wet cloth. You will see vapors start to rise, and the moth larvae along with the unhatched eggs will be burnt.
To yield even better results, you can always engage the services of a professional company that has expertise in carpet moth removal.
That’s where we come in. A member of our team will swing by your house to inspect the carpet and bring it in for cleaning and treatment.

  • In the first step, we generally treat the carpet with an insecticide. The most popular and effective insecticide used is pyrethrum. This pyrethrum quickly paralyzes the carpet moth’s nervous system and eradicates the infestation during the fumigation process.
  • After fumigation, the carpets generally go through a deep and extensive cleaning process. This involves a cold water submersion bath to boost the cleaning results while safeguarding the carpet’s fibers.