An Isfahan rug is a type of Persian rug that is made in the Iranian city of Isfahan. The city is located in the Zagros Mountain foothills and has a long history of carpet manufacturing.

History of Isfahan Rugs

From time to time, the production of rugs in Isfahan has been interrupted, usually because of military activity. Often, the region has been a hotbed of warfare. Currently, times are a little calmer, though, and the area has become known for various forms of art, including metalwork and textiles. Isfahan rugs have been popular since the 1700s.

Rug-making is enjoying a resurgence, and in fact, the rugs that are woven here are considered to be the most valuable over all the world.

What is the Appearance of Isfahan Rugs?

The rugs that are woven in Isfahan are woven into a very tight pile using kork wool, and frequently with additions of details in silk. The design usually consists of a central medallion, which is surrounded by flowers in shades of indigo, blue or red on a background of ivory. Other design elements may include gardens, vases, or the tree of life. Metal thread is sometimes used in the design of Isfahan rugs, to provide additional detail.

Religion can also form a component of Isfahan rugs. In fact, there is a very large Isfahan carpet in the Shah Lutf mosque, and when designers seek inspiration, it often manifests in representations of Allah.

Depending on the intricacy and workmanship incorporated into an Isfahan rug, the price can be very high. One Isfahan rug recently sold at Christie’s auction house for an amazing $4.65 million dollars – one of the most expensive rugs ever sold.

How to Care for Isfahan Rugs?

One would probably assume that you don’t own an Isfahan rug that cost over 4 million dollars. That said, though, any Isfahan rug is going to represent a significant investment, and it’s important that it be properly cared for.


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