Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning

Nothing irks you more than spilling your coffee over your new carpet. Likewise, the shabby appearance of your old carpet or rug can tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth. The good news for you is that there is no need to dispose of your worn out or stained carpet. What you require are the services of a professional cleaning company.
NYCleaners has mastered the art of commercial steam carpet cleaning down to a science. Be it an old rug at a dining joint or the worn-out carpet rolled out in the hotel lobby, NYCleaners have your back. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you seek to engage steam cleaning services to inject new life into your carpet.

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning Service?

Carpet steam cleaning is a very crucial part of your cleaning routine as it makes the carpet as well as the area around it free from unpleasant external factors like dirt, grime, and allergens. Moreover, the carpet fabrics are delicate and need to be dealt with careful care. That is all the more reason why you should hire a trusted carpet steaming service provider like NYCleaners. Steam cleaning carpets not only makes them aesthetically appealing but boosts the carpet’s longevity as well. Moreover, steam cleaning carpets is an environmentally friendly practice as there are zero pollutants. This, in contrast to using a chemical to clean carpets.
Commercial steam cleaning services involve using vaporized water to purify and clean your rugs and carpets. The vapor is heated to a high degree. Then it is applied via a machine that bears a resemblance to a vacuum cleaner. The heat breaks down the dust molecules when the former gets in contact with your carpet’s fibers. Dry steam is then utilized to gather this dirt and all the other unpleasant waste that has been collected as well.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

The carpet steam cleaning process is also commonly known as hot water extraction. This entails hot water getting sprayed on the carpet and then getting sucked back in the machine along with any of the grime that was present on the rug or carpet. Usually, a cleaning solution is added to the water to facilitate stain removing.

Professional carpet steam cleaners like NYCleaners use either a portable machine or a unit which is mounted on a truck. Using a portable machine has obvious advantages, like the flexibility to use it in building apartments. On the other hand, a truck-mounted unit’s pipe is not long enough to make use of it in apartments. However, units that are truck-mounted boast a more powerful machine than those of portable units. A truck-mounted unit should be used whenever and wherever possible for maximum efficiency.