Rug Damages

Moth Damage

Oriental Rug Moth Proofing

If you have ever lifted a sweater out of a drawer and found it full of holes, you will know that you have a clothes moth infestation. Sweaters and other woolen clothing are not the only targets of these insects – your wool rug looks just as inviting. The small, nondescript moths you see flying around are not the immediate problem, it is the larvae of these moths. The female clothes moth lays her eggs on what will be her offspring’s food; you’re Oriental rug. Because a dark, secluded spot is chosen, you may be unaware that the larvae are munching away until considerable damage is done. 

The larvae eat from the backing up, so it’s important to check the underside of your rug regularly for the tiny white larvae.The damage that moth larvae do can be repaired at NYCleaners. We will match the fibers that have been ruined and ‘reweave’ the chewed up spots. You will be unable to tell the difference between the original design and where we have made restoration.

Worn Fringe

Oriental Rug Fringe Repair

Many people do not realize that the fringe of an Oriental rug is made up of the warp strands on which the rug was actually woven. The fringe is not some unnecessary addition to the rug, it is the foundation of the rug, and a badly damaged fringe can cause the rug to actually unravel.

Fortunately, a worn fringe can be repaired, which could well save your rug from potentially catastrophic damage. The best way to prevent further harm to the rug is by using an overcast, or buttonhole, stitch to secure the weave. When done properly, the overcast stitch will last as long as the rest of the rug. It is important that the rug repair artisan do this repair by hand in order to work the stitch around the warp and weft strands, rather than through them, as will be the case when a machine is used.

Rug Wrinkles

Walking around on your Oriental rugs, moving furniture, or even children actively playing can all cause wrinkles to develop in your rug. Wrinkles look unsightly, destroying the attractiveness of your rug, but they are also potentially dangerous. It’s very easy to trip over a wrinkle, and falling can result in bruises or even broken bones – this will be especially important when older people are involved. Blocking and stretching are required to remedy this problem. To achieve this, we first brush the rug thoroughly, and smooth out any wrinkles by hand. Rolling up the rug tightly is followed by more brushing and hand pressing to flatten out the irregularities. Then, using what is, in effect, a large iron, we use heat to return the backing to its original position, eliminating the wrinkles. NYCleaners is always

Water Damage

Water damage to your rug could come from a number of sources. One of the most common errors homeowners make is to place a planter directly on the rug. It will be inevitable that every time you water the plant that some water will seep through onto and into the rug. Even if you have provided a saucer beneath the pot, it’s easy for an overflow to occur and wet the rug. Using the rug on a damp concrete floor can also cause trouble, and the rug will often become stiff, even if no real damage is detectable. Moisture will lead to fibers and backing that are susceptible to rot. It can be heartbreaking to lift up a planter and find that the entire area beneath it has been eaten away by rot.

However, at NYCleaners we will be able to help your rug recapture its good looks. If the backing and pile have been completely rotted away, we will reweave the rug, using matching fibers and colors.

Pet Stains

All of us love our cats and dogs, but there is no denying that they can sometimes cause serious problems for your Oriental rug. When your pet urinates on your rug, the wool or silk fibers act like a wick to bring the urine right down to the cotton backing. You can be assured that your rug has been soaked from top to bottom. Urine from dogs and cats tends to be acidic, due to their protein-based diets, and this acid will eat into the fibers fairly quickly.

Although these accidents should be blotted up immediately, you will need to have your rug treated at NYCleaners to make sure that every bit of the urine (or vomit or feces stains) are removed completely. These organic contaminants can also affect the dyes in your rug, so please act quickly when your rug has been compromised. Our enzyme pretreatment and gentle cleaning agents will assure that every bit of urine is removed before it can cause further damage to the pile or backing.

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