Rug Cleaning Upper West Side

A clean rug not only looks good on its own, it also makes the rest of the room look inviting and comfortable. Of course, the reverse is also true; a dirty rug destroys the ambiance of your home’s decor. A number of factors can adversely affect the condition of your rug:

  • Tracked in dirt and grime eat away at your carpet as well as dulling it.
  • Air pollution, both from interior sources and outside dirties your rug.
  • Animal hair and dander can cause allergic problems.
  • Foot traffic compresses fibers.

Not only does a dirty rug detract from the appearance of your home, the life of your rug is significantly shortened when it doesn’t receive the proper care. If you live in the Upper West Side, don’t hesitate to call NYCleaners when you notice that your rug has lost its luster.

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Oriental Rug Care Is Important

Regular, professional cleaning of your rug is vital if you want to extend its life and preserve its beauty. Ground in dirt and grime not only dulls your rug, but also eats away at the fibers and backing. Threadbare spots and even holes can result. You may have a significant investment in your rug, why take chances when it needs cleaning?


Regularly scheduled cleaning is especially important when dealing with Oriental rugs or rugs made of silk or wool.

Our Upper West Side technicians, caring for your rug at our modern facility and using the best cleaning agents, will safely clean your rug. 


The dyes used for their lovely colors and their natural fibers require the expertise that NYCleaners can provide.