Moth Removal

Alarm bells should go off in your head if you see small, nondescript moths fluttering around your carpets or rugs. The danger to your carpet will not come from these adult moths, but rather from their larvae which live in your floor coverings. These ravenous larvae feed upon wool and silk carpets particularly, and carpets that have goat hair will be especially delicious to them. These larvae can do incredible amounts of damage if the infestation is heavy; chewing away at the fibers of the carpet and the backing until they are ready to pupate, become adult moths and begin the cycle of destruction again. 

You will not necessarily be safe if you have a synthetic carpet, either, pet hair in the carpeting and unintentional organic additions such as pet urine or food spills will make even nylon carpeting edible to these insects.

When Moths Attack Your Carpet

Vacuuming will not get rid of the larvae of carpet moths. Your vacuum is not strong enough to remove the larvae and eggs, and usually dark, inaccessible spots are chosen as the feeding grounds. 

NYCleaners is fully equipped to help deal with moth removal. We use deep steam cleaning to kill both larvae and eggs and remove the debris that results from an infestation.

When we vacuum up the moisture from the process, we also remove the eggs, larvae, and damaged piling.

Stop Moth Damage Now

The sooner you call NYCleaners for your carpet moth removal, the sooner we can rid your rugs or carpets of these pests. Our experience is at your disposal when you have carpet moths.