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Living in Long Island with a wide array of job opportunities and amenities is incredible. It is a densely populated island in New York State with small-town vibes. Purchasing a residential property on this island is a great investment for many reasons. You get many outdoor activities, top-ranking schools, colleges, and universities, and most importantly, a kid-friendly environment.

Many residential services are available in the neighborhood to facilitate residents. This includes NYCleaners, one of the best rug cleaning and oriental cleaning services. 

Let’s learn how NYCleaners is helping residents of Long Island with their fantastic services.

Long Island Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning Services

At NYCleaners, our professionally trained technicians use advanced tools to clean the rugs. Our loyal customers in Long Island have trusted our services for decades. But, you may be wondering why you need area rug cleaning services when you have a household vacuum. Well, a regular vacuum cleaner that you have in your house can remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the rug. But, what about the substances such as mites accumulated deep inside the rug. These mites and bacteria are harmful and pollute the air inside the house. The buildup of these harmful substances triggers asthma and other dangerous diseases.

Our professionals use the latest technology for deep cleaning. They remove the harmful organisms and substances stuck between fibers. Deep cleaning extends the life of your precious rug and improves the aesthetics of your room. If you want to return the rug to its original condition, you need our area rug cleaning services in Long Island.

We have technicians who understand the worth of your rug. The quality of our services is, we don’t treat every rug with the same technique. We use different techniques on different rugs according to the rugs’ condition, type, and age.

When our technicians receive the rug, they inspect the material and damages. Once they determine the effective technique, they start the process to bring the rug to its original condition. Our shampooing method cleans the rug deep inside the fiber. While the hot water extraction brings softness to the material. Then, we repair the damaged fringes and fix holes and after the final touch-ups, we deliver the rug to your home.

Sizes of Rugs We Clean

The notable reason to choose NYCleaners for rug cleaning is our high-quality cleaning services regardless of the rug’s size. We clean small as well as large rugs in our rug cleaning centers. Many residents of Long Island struggle to clean rugs larger than 8×10 area rugs. But, we have skilled technicians who clean all types of rugs.

  • 8×10 Area Rugs

Long Island residents use this rug for the area with high foot traffic. That’s why these rugs wear and tear quite often. Cleaning these rugs with an ordinary vacuum cleaner won’t help because they can’t reach deep inside the fibers. The only solution to clean 8×10 area rugs is handing the job to professionals such as NYCleaners.

  • 9×12 Area Rugs

Cleaning large-sized area rugs such as 9×12 are time-consuming and challenging. But, cleaning these rugs is highly important to maintain the aesthetics of the room. Many residents use this rug to lift the room’s appearance. Usually, people place this rug under the table or bed’s foot. Also, it plays an important role to protect even larger rugs. That’s why they easily and quickly wear and tear. To repair and clean these rugs you need NYCleaners’ professional team. Our team has extensive years of experience in cleaning all types of rugs.

  • 10×14 Area Rugs

Cleaning 10×14 area rugs isn’t easy, especially if you are a DIY person. You have to consult a professional team in Long Island such as NYCleaners and deep cleaning this rug. This is a large rug and covers the complete room. This means that it accumulates all the dirt and dust in the room. Hire a professional team for deep cleaning and increase the life of this expensive and precious rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

The major reason for mites’ build-up in the rug is the skin that we shed. Yes, like our pets we also shed skin that builds up in the rug and leads to mites’ colonization. Since we place oriental rugs in a crowded area, they easily get dirty.

Allergens and mites colonizing in the rug pollute the air inside the house and cause various health diseases. Allergens and mites accumulation in the rug is life-threatening for people with allergies. Furthermore, it is harmful to other people as well. You can protect the environment inside the house by routinely deep cleaning the rugs.

You can contact our experts and discuss ways to maintain a healthy environment in the house. They send a team for rapid inspection of the house. If they identify Oriental rug as the underlying problem of the dusty environment in the house, they take the rug to the center for deep cleaning. Here are some steps for our Oriental rug cleaning services:

Step 1

When our service team visits your home, they inspect the rug for damage. They note down the damage in the notepad for later reference. Also, they write the material, quality, and age of your Oriental rug. Once they complete the inspection process, they pack the rug and bring them to the cleaning center.

Step 2

Now they remove the dirt from the surface using a vacuum cleaner and inspect the fibers of the Oriental rugs. They check whether the fibers are strong or weak. If the fibers are weak and delicate, they remove the dirt with the hand.

Step 3

Now they carefully identify the stains and spots on the rug. If they find the spot this means that the rug requires spot cleaning. They will start the detailed cleaning process.

Step 4

Our experts use eco-friendly products such as shampoo and cleansers to remove impurities. The products we use deeply clean the rug without causing fiber damage. For different cleaning materials, we have different products. Using wrong cleaners and shampoo can damage the rug’s fibers. Our professional technicians are known for high-quality service. They use the right products for specific rug materials.

Step 5

Now the team uses a pressure pipe and pours water on the rug. The pressure pipe takes water deep into the fibers and completely removes dirt, dust, and bacteria. For delicate and old rugs, our team uses different methods. Washing delicate rugs with pressure pipes can damage the rug’s quality. Our attentive technicians choose the cleaning method after careful consideration of the rug’s material and condition.

Step 6

Once they complete the cleaning process they send the rug to dry. Experts in our rug drying section also use different methods according to the rug’s quality and condition. They use air pressure pipes, sun drying, and beating techniques. The sun-drying process removes the remaining smell and bacteria from the rug.

Step 7

Now our team removes wrinkles from the rug and returns the rug to its original condition. Our team offers high-quality service to Long Island residents. They go beyond the standards to offer the best services to the customers.

Step 8

Finally, the rug cleaning team will inspect the rug while considering the note. If they notice any issue on the rug, they immediately fix it. After that, they roll and pack the rug for delivery.

Step 9

After completing the cleaning process, it is time to deliver the rug. Our team carefully delivers the rug to the home and places it in its original location.

Organic Rug Cleaning Services

Our rug cleaning services offer Organic rug cleaning as well. This rug cleaning technique is similar to the traditional technique. The major difference is the products used. Organic rug cleaning is a green cleaning and eco-friendly method to clean the rug. We have dedicated technicians to perform this cleaning service.

To perform this process our technicians use plant-based products. This type of rug cleaning procedure is suitable to maintain the rug’s quality, especially the old ones. We understand the importance of rugs that runs in family from generations. That’s why we offer Organic rug cleaning services in our center. When you will receive the rug after the Organic cleaning service, you will be astonished to see the result.

At our rug cleaning center in Long Island, professionals perform this task with dedication and quality. They have extensive years of experience performing cleaning tasks.

Steam Cleaning Services

Vacuuming doesn’t remove dust mites from the fibers. Even if you regularly clean the rug with a vacuum cleaner, you are only cleaning the surface. This doesn’t mean that you should stop vacuuming the rug. But, you should consult a professional rug cleaning team in Long Island for detailed cleaning. At NYCleaners, our professionals use various cleaning techniques to remove dust and dirt accumulation. They use the steam cleaning technique to remove dust mites from the fibers.

Steam cleaning is an advanced technique for deep cleaning. Like Oriental cleaning, steam cleaning maintains the delicacy of old rugs without causing any damage. In this method, the technician uses 212 Fahrenheit of steaming water. The hot water enters inside the fibers and removes bacteria and other harmful substances hidden between the fibers.

Furthermore, steam makes the fibers fluffy and soft, so you receive the rug in the same quality as you purchased for the first time. Steam cleaning is not an easy cleaning process. You need accurate temperature and expertise to clean the rug. That’s why you cannot perform it all alone at home. But, if you live in Long Island, there is no need to worry. Simply call our service center for steamed rug cleaning services and our professionals will visit your home for rapid inspection.

Rug Repair

Over time, the rugs get damaged and there can be numerous reasons for that. If you place your area rug in a high-traffic location, it will easily wear and tear. Also, moths and mites feed on fiber and damage the rug’s structure. The only solution that you can think of is removing the rug from the home and purchasing a new one. But, replacing a rug is a costly solution. If you want to save a significant amount of money, you can consult with a professional rug and send it for repair.

At NYCleaners, we have highly skilled and trained technicians with extensive years of experience in rug repairing. To hire our team, all you need to do is contact our service center. We will send a professional team to your doorstep for rapid inspection. The team will evaluate the rug’s condition and identify the damage. Once they inspect the rug, they list the damage for later reference.

Our experienced rug repairing technicians in Long Island use advanced techniques to fix the rug. Whether you have an old or new damaged rug, they will use a different technique to repair the damage. They will repair the fringes, stitch the fiber, and maintain the structure of the rug. Their main goal is to return the rug to its original condition. Furthermore, our technicians have artistic skills and they can restore the color and pattern of the rug as well.

Moth Removal

Besides rug cleaning and repairing services, we also provide moth removal services in Long Island. Moth infestation causes various health diseases including:

  • Illness
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems

These insects chew on carpets and rugs, affecting the aesthetics of the room. Usually, moth lives in tiny cracks and holes. They colonize throughout the home, but to remove them from the house you have to hunt for their nest.

At NYCleaners, we have a professional moth removing team. When you contact our service centers for moth removing service, we will send our team to your home. The team will identify the problem and spot the nest. They will carefully remove the nest and place it away from the home. After nest removal, they will clean and moth-proof the location.

Mold Removal

Another problem that many Long Island residents complain about is mold. Mold grows in a cool and damp location and rapidly spread across the house. If you don’t remove the moth in time, it will destroy the ceiling, walls, and even the foundation of the house. If you notice signs of moth in your house, you should immediately contact our service center.

The moth is dangerous as it pollutes the air quality in the house. Also, the smell of moth colonization acts as a trigger for asthma and other allergic condition. Removing the moth from the house is a difficult task. That is why you should hire a professional team for the job. Our experts received training to eliminate molds from difficult conditions. Furthermore, they will guide ways to prevent moth growth in the house. If you want to professionally eliminate moth from your house, you should contact our team.

Bed Bugs Removal

If you don’t know what bed bugs are, they are blood-sucking bugs that creep in your bed. Bed bugs feed on your blood and lay hundreds of eggs at a time. That is why removing bed bugs from home is a challenging task. These bugs easily squeeze in discrete locations, which make it possible to spot and kill them.

If you want to remove bed bugs from your home so you can sleep peacefully, you should contact us. We have an expert team with extensive experience in locating and removing bugs. Furthermore, our team will ensure that the bugs won’t infest your house again.

Dust Mites Treatment

Dust mites are micro-organic pests, closely related to spiders and ticks. Mites grow in humid and warm locations and feed on human skin cells. The best hiding place for these microorganisms is carpets and rugs. Since they crawl deep inside the rug fibers, a regular vacuum can’t eliminate them. Dust mites pollute the home environment and affect the respiratory tract. If your family member has allergies or asthma, dust mites in the home can be life-threatening. Therefore, you should remove dust mites from the home.

Our professional team in Long Island offers dusts mite treatment as well. They have high-quality and advanced tools to identify and remove dust mites from the home. Furthermore, we use eco-friendly chemicals, tools, and techniques to remove the mites from the home. Besides cleaning, our experts will explain ways to prevent dust mites from developing in the house again. If you have asthma or an allergic reaction to dust, you should contact our service center for inspection as this is a clear sign of dust mites infestation.

Why Choose NYCleaners?

There are many reasons to choose NYCleaners such as professional service team, advanced tools, and high-quality products. Since our team has extensive years of experience, they can perform the above-mentioned task with great results. Whether you want to clean or repair the rugs, remove moth infestation, or clean mites you can rely on our highly trained team. If you live in Long Island and want any of these services you can contact us at 718-646-7375.

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byAustin D. onRug Cleaning
The extremely stained room now looks fresh !

Extremely satisfied! The staff who came from NYC cleaners was all extremely respectful and proficient, helped each other as required. The extremely stained room now looks fresh out of the box new! I anticipate working with you again in pre-winter! The cost is on point!

byLeonardo F. onRug Cleaning
My rugs & sofas are looking like brand new now

I started my office in Long Island just a few months back but unfortunately the rugs & the sofas got damaged due to a leakage in the bathrooms. NYC cleaners came to rescue at this difficult time. My rugs & sofas are looking like brand new now. Everything went just amazing including the staff’s behavior, professionalism and skills.

byGrace S. onRug Cleaning
A Kashmiri rug needed to be cleaned and a NYC cleaners was the best option

I had a wonderful & expensive Kashmiri rug that was gifted from my brother when I shifted to Long-Island. The rug needed to be cleaned after all the years of ignorance. NYC cleaners was the best option to get the work done. The picked up the rug & the very next day dropped it back. Very impressive service!

byAxel G. onRug Cleaning
The work was done and it ended up extraordinary

My house was devastated by heavy rain in Long-Island that brought about by a water pipe and spilling rooftop. Aside from all, I required to get my valuable rugs cleaned from molds. I called NYC cleaners and the group who came was truly proficient, and the work was done and it ended up extraordinary. I prescribe anybody in my situation to call them. You will love it.

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