Rug Cleaning Long Island

When you need to have your rugs cleaned professionally, NYCleaners is ready to help. We can handle any job including Oriental rug cleaning. We understand the process of dealing with delicate silk rugs, wool rugs, and other types of fabrics that require an extra touch of gentleness. These types of rugs typically cannot be cleaned using the same type of area rug cleaning that you would try with less expensive fabrics. Maintaining the overall beauty of an Oriental or Persian rug is a process that is best left up to the professionals, as the wrong types of cleaners can leave it a ruined mess. 

Trust us to keep your expensive rug looking beautiful throughout generations.

Carpet Cleaning

Our professional team can take care of all your standard carpet cleaning needs. We use only the best, most effective carpet cleaners to leave your rugs smelling and looking fresh and clean.

NYCleaners can also assist you with carpet repair. Whether you need a piece of carpet dyed to match the rest of your existing carpet, stretched to fit, or just patched in a spot, we have the tools needed to get the job done. We can even assist your with your carpet installation needs.

From your home to your office, our team can handle all of your carpeting needs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Even well-cared for upholstery gathers dust, grim and dander over time. You should have a professional sofa cleaning a minimum of every one to two years, depending on the environment of your home. Pet owners, or those with children, may need to clean it more frequently. NYCleaners in Long Island can tackle everything from minor upholstery cleaning to tough jobs like stains and spills. We use the right upholstery cleaner for each job, as we understand the different needs for leather upholstery versus fabric upholstery. Getting a regular couch cleaning by the right team of cleaning professionals can add years to your furniture’s life span.

Water damage & Mold removal

Long Island residents know how quickly a flood or torrential downpour can turn their gorgeous carpets and upholstery into a soggy, moldy mess. Even when the weather cooperates, leaking pipes, overflowing showers and other mishaps can leave parts of your carpet unsafe and susceptible to mold. When disaster strikes, NYCleaners can help with water damage restoration so that you can stay in your home. Mold removal should be one of your top priorities, as mold can be very damaging to your health. We have state-of-the-art water damage repair tools to deal with mold cleanup and ensure that your home is dry and safe to live in.


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