Abadech Rugs

The best Persian rugs combine both function and form for a unique and beautiful touch to any room. An Abadeh rug is a prime piece for households. This article will explain what Abadeh rugs are, where they come from, and how to maintain them for their most gorgeous appearance. A combination of the past and present, these carpets are definitely worth every penny.

Where do Abadeh Rugs Come From?

Abadeh rugs claim their name from where they originate – Abadeh, Iran. If a rug is to be a true Abadeh, this is the only place it will be made. They are weaved with great care and skill, and with techniques that are constantly being refined to give the very best appearance and quality. These breathtaking pieces of art surely speak of their history and culture that has made them so well-loved.

What are Abadeh Rugs made of?

Abadeh rugs are made primarily from cotton and wool. They can be very firm and hold up well to foot traffic, which makes them ideal for homes and offices. The colors used on these carpets are rich browns, deep reds and blue hues. Generally, diamond of circular shapes will be woven into the middle and four corners of the material. Other shapes are not uncommon, however. Some include animals or natural shapes.

How to care for Abadeh Rugs?

This is a delicate process, so it depends on what you are dealing with in this area. For regular maintenance, be sure to vacuum quite often and not use any harsh chemicals on your carpet. If you need a deeper clean, choosing our services will save time and grant you peace of mind.


For any maintenance questions or concerns, you can rely on our experts. Abadeah rugs are beautiful and unique, and deserve the highest care. We are sure you will want to pass yours down for generations. The best way to preserve is through great cleaning and check ups!