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NYCleaners is the place to go for all your rug cleaning needs. We are Brooklyn’s best when it comes to knowledge, prices, and results. But did you know that we’re also the ones to call if you’re looking for eco-friendly services and a greener home?
Many customers are thrilled to find out that we offer green rug cleaning as a part of our standard service, and we have for years!
Eco-friendly area rug cleaning is done with natural products and creative uses of existing products to loosen dirt and allergens from your area rugs without harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to your family and have the potential to damage your valuable area rug.
Call Brooklyn’s favorite green rug cleaning and restoration company, NYCleaners, and find out how great eco-friendly rug cleaning can be!

A Healthier Home with Green Carpet Cleaning

Today’s homeowners and renters are more concerned than ever about the quality of the products that are being used in their homes. Green rug care is more than just a passing fad. It’s definitely a trend that more people are taking note of because it has so many benefits over traditional carpet cleaning.

The first advantage that most rug owners identify is that, after a green carpet cleaning, their home will be safer for themselves and their families. Fewer allergens and irritants are present in green cleaners, so pets, children and adults will be exposed to fewer things that will make them sniffle, sneeze, or feel bad.

Your home should be a place you retreat to when you’re sick…it shouldn’t be the place that makes you sick! Paying more attention to the products used to clean your home can greatly improve your overall health.

Less Impact on the Environment

  • Your health is of utmost importance, but with eco-friendly cleaning services, you can protect the environment as well as yourself. NYCleaners is one of many Brooklyn rug cleaners that uses natural, non-toxic products to restore area rugs. The solutions we use are plant-based, like many of the cleaners you can buy off the shelf these days. The ingredient lists are short, so they are far less likely to irritate the skin or cause breathing issues the way harsh chemicals can.
  • When we dispose of the waste water used to clean your rug, it isn’t loaded with harmful toxins, which is good for plant and animal life everywhere. Also, there’s a lot less of it, since these cleaning methods use less than half the water that traditional steam cleaning does.
  • Reducing waste is just as important to us as reducing its harmfulness. The added benefit is that your carpets will dry faster, too!

Green rug restoration includes spot removal, too, so you don’t have to worry about an inferior clean with less effective products when you choose eco-friendly area rug cleaning. Rest assured, NYCleaners and other professional rug cleaners who uses these products and techniques can fully restore your Persian or Oriental rug safely and thoroughly.

Green Rug Care is as Affordable as Ever!

You may think that with all these great benefits, green rug care would be a lot more expensive than traditional cleaning methods, but you’d be wrong!
Doing what’s best for the environment and your loved ones shouldn’t cost more. The services you receive will be the same ones you’ve come to expect. Your rug will be picked up and taken back to the cleaning facility, spot treated and repaired (if necessary), professionally cleaned with natural, non-toxic products, and delivered back to you, fully restored. It’s that easy to get high-quality rug care in Brooklyn!

NYCleaners is one of the Brooklyn area rug cleaners that is trying to make doing the right thing more affordable, so you won’t find much difference in the cost of our eco-friendly rug care and the cost of other companies’ services.

Sooner or later, all area rug cleaning pros will get on board, but for now, we’re making it easy for you to choose green carpet care that’s also affordable!

NYCleaning is experienced in green rug cleaning for all types of area rugs. Eco-friendly area rug cleaning is affordable and comes with many benefits to you and the environment!

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